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the morning after the 1st date after fending off naomis attacker, the conversation (about "last night") is forever looped on my android...

Which is a shame as this seems a v good game.

im kinda stuck at naomi

I just finished chapter 3. I am so intrigued by the game and story. How many chapters are there and are more chapters being worked on? I hope this isn't going to be a short game, dont want the game to end anytime soon. I'm for sure doing multiple play thoughs. First one is my harem to test the waters. Next will be trying to be faithful to one induvial woman. Great game and hoping for more in the future.

According to Sir Dammed (The dev), chapter 5 will mark the halfway point of the game/story. So the next release (next chapter) is the halfway point of the game, meaning there will be 10 total chapters, at least at the moment. Right now there is 4 chapters.

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I tried to be the cool guy who overcomes his rage and calls the authorities. But wtf. I hope I didn't get a bad ending. Great game but I hope I didn't mess up my game or my route with a certain character...

Ps.  Are you the one who made harem hotel? The art and some character designs look very similar


There are two different endings

Well, to the chapter, at least.


too good looking forward to ch5 too

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This game is fucked up, man. It's like every major lewd decision comes with a risk at a hit to your conscience and corrupting your soul. You can't do most things without feeling deep shame.

Spoiler warning

But it's not always so simple as to what the right to do is, and its very clever. For example, the way you meet Lyanna so soon after meeting Naomi, and the way those relationships started... it's not so obvious what the right thing to do was, and when. And now I don't want to break it off with either of them because it seems that both of them need you. And the fact that Lyanna may be open to you having a relationship with her daughter makes it even more difficult.

Anyway, I'm compelled, and can't wait to see where it goes. Still hoping it will all somehow work out. 


That's the idea. Actually I see it as a positive thing myself, as it adds that extra bit of realism when it comes to how leading a life like this would normally work out. It leans towards the realism of constant mixed emotions, never knowing what you've got yourself into, if you should back out, or if you should just keep on with it and see how far you can go just going with the flow of it all, as overwhelming as it can be, rather than to go full on fantasy like most want and do, and throw away all of the issues that in reality come alongside this lifestyle.

It's also a key sign of quality writing and character development. Keeping it overall short and simple, yet still managing to pull you in, and really feel like you are the main character you play as.


Oh yeah, I get that making difficult choices is the whole idea, and you're right. I was just trying to put across in a clumsy sort of way how it made me feel. Overall, my comment was meant to be a praise of how well done it is. 

And I definitely assumed it was just that, but only after reading the whole comment (it could likely seem opposite if someone only read the first paragraph of it :) )

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Funnily enough the range of conflicting emotions you guys are describing is exactly what I intended when writing the story. The name "Polarity" is a play on words, with the general idea that the player is being drawn in opposite directions kept in mind throughout.

Even the choice system works in a similar way, with "morality" acting as a pendulum with no clear direction being the "right" way. Sometimes +morality is better, sometimes -morality is better, it depends on the individual choices and it's not always ideal to act in a way that most would consider "moral."

mega download link please i can't download it from chrome

PC, Mac, or Android?


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Here's the PC version:

Where can I find this version 5 you speak of?


It will be released here and on Patreon the moment it's finished.


Lets gooooooooooooooo

Hey  Ansioso Pela nova versão,Esse Final  me pegou de surpresa hahaa Abraços do Brasil :) .

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Just wondering if there's any rough timescale of when chapter 5 will be completed and available here? Awesome game by the way!


Thanks for the kind words. I am extremely adamant about not sharing "release dates" because they're very hard to predict and it tends to land me in hot water.

However, I can say that CH5 (which is the biggest/largest chapter of the entire game) is about 75% completed.


No problem. Thanks and yeah totally understandable, but glad to hear its coming along and not too far away, looking forward to playing it when it's ready!


Need help? Curious how your choices are affecting the game?

While I recommend playing blind on your first run, you're more than welcome to view our official walkthrough.


Alright till the end there, not a fan of being presented choices that have the same outcome.

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The thing is, those choices don't really have the same outcome at all. For example: if you are not involved in a romance with Amelia and instead went on a date with Tanesha, she will hesitate to protect you and her brother will literally slash your face open. In addition to this more minor outcome, there is a major outcome that is immediately present at the start of Chapter 5... and how you handle the situation with him impacts the story/the player-character immensely. Every single punch you throw, for example, sends your "morality" rating into a downward spiral.

I recommend reading the walkthrough to see how choices impact the story if you're unsure. Nearly every single choice in this game all the way down to the very first crucial choice matters... but the outcomes/consequences aren't always immediately apparent. It would actually be quite silly/nonsensical if the consequences of your choices always presented themselves right away.


I loved the game and I'm eagerly waiting for the next update since months please give us an update about the progress report or you have dumped the project....

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No worries, this game will never be abandoned. Here's a direct quote from a response I made to someone else:

Never, my friend. Polarity is still ongoing. That said, Chapter 5 is the biggest chapter yet: it's 30% larger than CH4 and has a ton of animations and other aspects that make its development time a little longer than normal.
It's the finale of the first half of the game, however, so it's going to be a good one/worth the wait.

Thanks for the heads 👍👍

No problem!


News i need news wahhhh

I read your wahhhh in a Rabid's voice, I hope you're happy with yourself, I've been victimized by reading a trigger point I cannot simply bypass reading in any other way hahaha


thats fine xD i mean it that way xD

I'll copy/paste what I wrote to someone who asked if the game is abandoned:

Never, my friend. Polarity is still ongoing. That said, Chapter 5 is the biggest chapter yet: it's 30% larger than CH4 and has a ton of animations and other aspects that make its development time a little longer than normal.
It's the finale of the first half of the game, however, so it's going to be a good one/worth the wait.

I hope that fight with that fat fuck was just a dream.


Wow! this is shaping up too be an incredible story, I am loving it so far. Artwork is top notch, the music is great and I am super worried that while the mc  recovers from being stabbed he is gonna get stabbed again by all the girls he is involved with (which is pretty much all of them in my case)


so it doesn't matter what you do mc still gets cut damn that's messed up

He gets stabbed no matter what you do, but if you're on Amelia's romance path/manage to unlock the date with her in CH4, she won't hesitate to protect you and your face will not be cut.


Love this game, can't wait for more.

I really love this game 


great game. does anyone know when the next update is happening? 


Its going to be a while. The dev is creating a another VN with Alorth called Radiant. Which by the way takes forever to update, still waiting for chapter 2 and what makes it worse is that the chapter 1 ended in cliffhanger. Not blaming him in no way about long updates, it takes time to polish a game and keep the same quality as Radiants first chapter which you should check out. But maybe he should finish one before starting another. Just saying.


i do agree with you. i think games should finish before starting another one. especially bcs im impatient af lol   

I also can agree with that being sensible, for everyone, in fact. That said, I also fully understand being the type who has a lot of different concepts and ideas, is super creative, and thus can't quite help themselves when it comes to certain ideas that you get stupid excited for and find passion in, which inevitably leads you to start pulling yourself in half in order to write/create BOTH at once. So, I am therefore, the textbook definition of a Contradiction. Lol

This is a great game thank you so much !

O. M. G.  !!!

Monster Cliff HANGER !!!

the KILLERS IS !!! *"( NO SPOILER HERE)"* play it to the end !!!

CAN'T wait to see how the end panes out !!!


Pregnancy can they give birth


i cant take the cliffhanger *running around a tree*
Do u got a date for us im rly rly hyped for chap 5


I actually got a animated image in my head of a person running around a literal tree yelping this to the skies


its right like that ma dude xD 


When is the fifth chapter coming out i just finished the fourth chapter, i have to say im not thrilled about it but its still a good game. keep up the good work!!


lot of people says ending sucks but this game is still in development. No ending yet. try it out first and maybe support the devs too

Peww....Thanks then, I thought chap. 4 was ending. Nearly died of Heart Attack right there 😥😌😅


when will the next update come >>>????

good question


Great It has been 98 days since The Chapter 4 launch but because of quarantine I understand. I hope to see news about Chapter 5 soon great game 10/10


hey! i finished the game a while but i  want to know here the next update will come please this game is 10/10

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Hey is there any other ending cuz I tried to set faithful to the first girl and at the end I get shot by the cop and then I changed it up a bit but still got shot Idk if I'm doing something wrong or if its a choose your own path navol with only one ending plz help thank you 10/10 game tho I loved it just would like a happy ending. Has any one got a happy ending going the faithful path?

no ending yet. and we're not sure MC did got shot. 


Are you sure 𝙮𝙤𝙪 got shot?



Most likely the killer got shot


Great job with the game! I hope more people get know your game so I did a video on it! 

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Just watched it... nice video! Thanks, friend!


I felt this vn was one of the best until it traps you at the end.  I went back and tried every change and still serial killer and you meet with the same results. This really changes the entire vibe. All i can hope for is that this is like those old Black & White moves before sound where somehow , even though you see the body being run over by a train, the next episode it is not the end result because of a change of rules not shown,lol.


Nope, don't worry. And while the confrontation is inevitable, there are a few differences that can occur and a few different major outcomes that result from your choices. I recommend making sure you unlocked the Amelia Kane romance/went on a date with her in CH4.


Wow, that is some good news! I thought for sure that the end was a  written no matter what the choices were made. With that bit  of new information I am definitely going to retry. Thanks and really enjoy your games.

Umm small questions is ending soppost mc getting killed by cop and serial killer?


Lol same thing happened to me I guess the game was right in warning us about not having to many girls some of the chicks probably lead to bad endings

So you didn't get different outcome then I had cause I didn't follow harem route game soppost to go

I think going out with the cop chick is what triggers the bad ending

No idea though I never explored any different endings?

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Ok that sucks so there no way around it made poor example dies in allyway chasing serial killer

Besides multiple relationship serial killer been chasing old lover got her pregnant left her so story plot doesn't change if still in that part cause he tries kill her

i didn`t go out with the cop chick and i still got that result.

Honestly maybe even the dev himself doesn't know. The first 3 chapters were good, well paced and then the development went out of the rails god knows why and the story itself has gone with it from the looks that I got from ch4.

i don't think the cop shot the mc, i think she shot the serial killer/her brother

Really great. I would love to play way more of this game! Love the vast range of characters and scenes. Keep it up!^^

love the game, what is the rate of paruption ?

Why is this game asking for permissions to my photos, media, and files on my phone?


Probably needs access to run scripts and photos appropriately. On a computer it would have access to the needed files automatically, on a phone it needs you to say it's allowed to do it. (I only download itch games on a computer not a phone so I'm not 100% sure about that though.)

Gotcha. I downloaded the game but still hesitant about giving permissions to my phone like that.


this game doesnt require WIFI to run; so there is nothing in the game itself that would be able to steal any of your photos. It would have also been detected by your phone itself. it's safe.

Some VNs need the permission for persistant saves so if you delete it and reinstall it your saves should be there. Thats what I've heard atleast.

Where is Linux Download???

ok, I started off with this as a simple "enjoyment" project.

But the characters are soooo well written, that I couldn't but be completely immersed in the world.

I actually started to have feelings for both Naomi and Lyanna... and I saw Melanie as a daughter figure. So much for the "Corrupt" playthrough I was initially planning.

The plot was awesome and the personalities and stories unfolding was outstanding. 

I can't wait for further updates. This is clearly a 10/10 game!

Some complaints, though:

I don't mind Lucia, but the way many of the scenes played with MC just taking it without saying or doing something was too much. Like the breakfast handjob was highly annoying, and I would never allow that to happen, so taking away that choice was pretty frustrating.

Also her just popping in on the one on one talk with Melanie was infuriating. Really made me want to discipline her, so she know her place, but instead MC just let her have here way with him. Stuff like that really broke the immersion for me.

Now I am gonna try an asshole playthrough where I bang everybody... I hope I can manage to do that! :-P

Keep up the good work, this is one of the best games out there!


R.I.P. Maggie :\

Forgot who that was in the story...Can you specify?


The doggo🙃

For real though, why kill the dog?


When is the next update.

P.S love your work keep it up

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