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The hit NSFW video game, Polarity, has released its next chapter. Available now on PC, Mac, Linux, and Android!

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This download comes with all chapters!

You're a professional martial artist who retired from his job early and started a new life in a brand new city. It turns out that having virtually endless free-time plus money to blow changes everything. You're thrust into a world of sex, drugs, MILF's, drama, and romance- something your previous life allowed little time for. It isn't long before you're involved in relationships with two gorgeous women, both of whom are single mothers with teenage daughters.

Looking for Chapter 5? 

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Polarity is an episodic, choice-driven 3D visual novel made with Ren'Py. Sexual content is fully animated.


• All available chapters of the game (All-in-One)! 
• Fully animated (3DCG) lewd content! 
• Multiple playable paths & various in-game choices! 
• High quality renders & animations! 
• Explores multiple fetishes (listed below)! 
• Multiple romantic relationships! 
• Compressed to avoid unnecessary storage! 
• Full soundtrack with both music & sounds! 
• And more!


• Harem - you can have multiple sexual relationships. 
• Cheating - you can sneak around behind your partner's backs.
• MILF - cougar, mature, mom I'd like to fuck. 
• Corruption - break them of their innocence or make them your plaything. 
• Rough Sex - some of the girls like it rough, some of them just don't know it.  
• Feet - for those who are interested in footjobs and cute toes. 
• PoV - you'll see everything through the eyes of the main character.
• Pregnancy - knock them all up!
• Misc - vaginal, anal, sucking, licking, titjob, handjob, fingering, etc!


• Romance - explore intimate relationships with your partners. 
• Slice of Life - a realistic representation of everyday experiences. 
• Drama - all good stories come with a little bit of controversy and tragedy. 
• Suspense - you will encounter stressful and high intensity situations. 
• Mystery - there will be various plot twists & unexpected events to unravel. 
• Management - run a dojo, balance multiple relationships, and shape the story.

Enjoyed the game? Please consider supporting me on Patreon.

Patrons will receive all sorts of goodies & rewards, such as early-access to projects I'm currently working on!


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I just would like to know if the MC survives for the upcoming chapter, is there even going be a chapter 5, or is this the end of it.


possible that its abandoned, someone posted below that ch5 is near completion which was posted by the author in may 2021

its really unfortunate cuz i really love this game and its style

He replied down below. He said that chapter 4 of Radiant will be done soon. He also said that chapter 5 of Polarity is the biggest chapter update so it's going to take a little longer.


People get mad at a free porn games, like it's free, shut the fuck up and masturbate, the dev can do whatever he wants with the games


Go tell that to the dumbs who paid into the Patreon and got nothing for 2 years.


Nobody cares, because the art in this game is already severely outdated.  Whatever hope this thing had is already gone, thanks to another dev who tossed his garbage in the dumpster of failed experiments.

The discord and these patreon morons are a trolling catastrophe.  Dev is not working on this game, he is working on another game that'll probably get kicked to the curb after he gets tired of that one.  This game has went 2 years without a single update.

Pro tip:  That's a dead game.


If you bother to check the discord, it's not dead. He's working on it, he'll release a new chapter for his other game, then he'll work on and release chp5. for this game. So while its not dead, we have to wait a while.


I find the circle jerking in this comment page hilarious. Look at any comment with criticisms and it’ll have way more downvotes meanwhile anything eating the dev’s ass is the total opposite.


This thing is as dead as they come.

(5 edits) (+7)

Ok, please update your Patreon page. In one part it says chapter 2 is free, and 3 is out for patrons($5+). Another part says chapter 3 is public and 4 is for patrons. Even though chapter 4 is out, and 5 is supposedly nearing completion. Then again, last progress report on chapter 5 was back in May(29) 2021, and last update on the page was beginning of August 2021. I'm not saying the game is dead, just, please update your pages properly to keep people in the loop. My guess, that's half the reason people are ranting saying the game is dead.

Aside from that, really good game. Also, eagerly awaiting chapter 4 of Radiant (RK Studios), and chapter 5 of this when it's released.


I totally agree, we don't ask for the next patch right away but keep us inform on your progress, that not to much to ask I believe


this game is 100% dead guys so if you are paying him unsub to not lose money. trust me when I say its dead cuz only the ones with half a brain know its a goner. if you think its not a dead game then faith in humanity is falling faster then I thought.


are you privy to information the rest of us are not or do you simply speak without forethought ? 


A reply I received from the man himself too people spreading misinformation in the comment section below. while he has not provided me any specifics he did at least answer my question and he is listing be patient. 

Sir Dammed2 days ago(+1)

Thanks for the heads up. It's understandable why they would be worried given the amount of time that's passed. Chapter 5 of Polarity is the end of Part 1 (of 2) of the story, so it's bigger than all 4 previous chapters combined. This is why it's taking a long time. Radiant Chapter 4 will actually be out first, which shouldn't be too much longer.


I just looked at the dev's other game Radiant to see if there was any news and there seems to be a Chapter 5 coming in the future.

Comment reads: 

Sir Damned: 

Thanks for the heads up. It's understandable why they would be worried given the amount of time that's passed. Chapter 5 of Polarity is the end of Part 1 (of 2) of the story, so it's bigger than all 4 previous chapters combined. This is why it's taking a long time. Radiant Chapter 4 will actually be out first, which shouldn't be too much longer.

Deleted 102 days ago

Get a life.

Deleted 102 days ago

His name says it all. Toxic moron


I mean he does have a life, so his name is actually quite fitting lol! SOME of us are ok with simply existing at all!


Dead game.  But that's OK.  This is itch.io - literally land and home of the scammer devs who continually rip off patrons.

Dead games thrive in this massive landfill of unfinished garbage.


do you enjoy spreading misinformation and lies?


Pointing out a game that has gone 2 years with no update as being a DEAD GAME is not spreading misinformation.

But if you want to keep paying devs for months and years to make a monthly masturbation post to Patreon on a phantom update, have at it.


unless you are privy to information I am not you are spreading misinformation as you have not knowledge of the games development or lack their of. I personally have not invested money in this project and am simply trying to relay information. do you enjoy peddling lies and a doomer attitude I'm genuinely curious. 


As I said, you have fallen prey to Patreon masturbation by a dev who has kicked his game to the curb for nearly 2 years, and even worse here you are actually simping for them.

The fact you hang onto every word by a dev is evidence you have little to no experience with how most devs on itch.io and Patreon work.


it simply doesn't make sense to me to make the argument oh this game is dead despite not having any concrete evidence to push this position nor does it make sense that you seem to hold the view most game devs on itchio and patreon would not finish their projects as they receive money only as long as those projects are successful if they don't preform the will lose money if you need an example look up simbro from a few years ago.


today mark the 1year and 7months since the last chapter release I'm pretty sure we are going to have to wait until the 2year mark for it unless the developer wants to prove me wrong


its been abandoned bro, not point in hoping.


A new update is coming. Check the discord...


Want to share a quote? Couldn't find anything on discord, nor discord for other game


It seems to be abandoned... or maybe the next uptdate will really make worth the waiting time.

Still if the creator doesn't at least give something like a preview or image then we could consdier this an abandoned proyect... shame since it was good!


Oh its abandoned?... Dang, the game had its potentials too bad

(1 edit) (+5)

This game was good too, sad to see its got thrown away.

Last post on patreon was from august 2021 and barely any traffic on discord.


when is gunna be updated its been about 2 years now


i think the games been abandoned


That's sad because it was shaping up to be a really good game


Can you make it downloadable on the itch.io app? So not only on the website.

Great game can't wait to what else happens


https://discord.gg/Ch2Dvu6 for lazy people I'm posting his discord link here your welcome I accept thanks in bitcoin:) .


The last post on discord was Aug 9,2021 same with his Patreon.


Abandoned, dev started a new patreon for Radiant while still accepting money for this one.

really....? such a waste  


pretty sure he's working on both, last I heard it hasn't been abandoned


yeah, I hear that a lot, but we have nothing, we don't ask for the update even if it's been a while but if you take a break or have some issues with the game at least keep us informed once a month if nothing


scroll down a few comments, devs' update post is only 3 months old


''only'' 3 months ? After more than a year without update. I think just a monthly message about the progress is not disrespectful to ask


i'm just the messenger buddy


It is what it is if he decides to stop then let him stop


see my previous post stop spreading misinformation whether or not the game gets finished what you are doing is wrong.


its still being developed as, explained in the comments by the dev, ch5 is the biggest project theyve done so far. furthermore, i think that the dev is working alone(or few at least), thus development is very slow


Still no news whyyyyy 😭😭


Still no news even on patreon...


This is, genuinely, one of my favourite NSFW VN's I've ever played, so it's definitely disappointing that there hasn't been a dev log or any content update on itch since over a fuckin year. The Patreon only recently got a message update after an extended gap from May, but I can't *view* it since it's behind a paywall, so my only estimation of the post would be "oh I'm still working on it guys"


basically they've been working on their other game which also had a sizable update recently. Called Radiant if you want to check it out.


personally im of the opinion that if you make one game, and make it good, imma pay money for it.
jack of all trades, master of none, is how you go broke


appears hes moved on to radiant which means this one wont get any attention. radiants patreon has activity this year but the patreon for this ones on the other hand was last posted on in august 21 so yeah. shame.


I think a lot of people just want communication too, taking on 2 projects is doable and perfectly fine as long as your "investors" are kept in the loop. I myself am perfectly ok with supporting 2 as long as i know progress is being made.


taking on two projects is fine, IF YOU HIRE PEOPLE.
it is blatantly obvious that one person is barely capable of keeping up with the investors demands fort regular content releases, and is a fulltime job for a single person.
regardless of how big of a render farm you have rendering for you, writing code cannot be sped up. if you think you have time for two games, then your games are going to be buggy and shit quality, or your investors are going to be ripped off by the expectation for regular, sizable updates released AT LEAST every 6 months, with 3 months being more acceptable (ie: not generating complaints). if you cant meet that investor requirement, sell your idea to someone who can.


Read down in the comments and check out their discord....


ah yes, I must go out of my way to go onto the Discord to look for updates for the game rather than them just managing their own page, a brilliant idea Nick! Brilliant!


And what is the matter with going to the developers' Discord to learn more about the game? Something worth it takes effort. Are you implying that your own enjoyment is not worth the effort?

'Cause ooh, I am enjoying the game right now! 


Congrats on sounding creepy?


Thank you!
Your time and effort in reading my comment made my day.


Smash's biting sarcasm aside, John, it's far from unreasonable to expect some measure of professional conduct from someone who is taking money for a product or service. Requesting or even demanding that SD keep his clients and customers informed by properly maintaining his storefront and Patreon pages on at least a monthly basis would be par for the course and understandable even without the long silence broken only by one or two comment threads spaced out over more than a year following the last update.

(1 edit) (+3)(-2)

Yes. That, I agree.

Monthly or maybe a bi-monthly basis is ideal and more than welcome. No need for players to hunt for their Patreon and enter their Discord but..

..it is what it is, I am afraid.

Edit: The developer has stopped updates for Polarity for the foreseeable near future. I have checked but not thoroughly. The indie developer and another are putting effort in their joint venture game, Radiant, which isn't free.


i use itch, you know, where the game is hosted, not discord, where the game is not hosted.


only if you want to know about the updates and stuff, which you do/did, so it wasn't an unreasonable suggestion

(1 edit) (+1)

See my above comment regarding professional conduct with paid products and services and maintenance of storefronts and payment sites. Expecting his entire consumer-base to go out of their way to search for information on a product that the immediate evidence suggests is abandoned when he neglects professional maintenance IS, in fact, an unreasonable suggestion. Expecting those same people to go out of their way to search for ADDITIONAL information when he upkeeps maintenance is reasonable. That would be the difference between telling everyone to go read his Discord for ANY information when he keeps his pages dark versus telling people to go read his Discord for extras he holds back or doesn't think of when he keeps the lights on with monthly remarks.

Addendum: As a clarification; this is not meant to "beat on" Sir Dammed or invite others to do so. It is no more and no less than a reminder to all of professional standards - even if those standards have fallen increasingly by the wayside over the past twenty years. Anyone who DOES take this as an excuse to denigrate Sir Dammed, Spannerface, or anyone else for anything but what they post here directly WILL be reported for harassment.

(1 edit) (-1)

There's no install file... :|


Omg this game is amazing is has me on  the edge of my seat especially the ending of ch.4 I can't wait until ch.5 to see what happens!!!!!


Sadly waiting for ch5 for years now :(


you're not alone don't worry


Enjoyable game. The story is intriguing. Just learn when to use "I" and "ME". As a direct object it should be "It's probably best the class doesn't know about your mom and me" not "you mom and I." It just makes you sound ignorant when you're trying to sound proper. As the subject of the sentence it would be the personal pronoun, such as "You mom and I slept together." A subject is always followed by a verb, in this case, "slept." Would say "Me slept." No, that sounds retarded, neither would you say, "Give it to I." That also sounds ignorant. 


actually your mom and I is the correct way grammatically 


not as an object, only as a subject. Look it up.

(2 edits) (+2)(-1)

no, the modern AMERICAN dialect adaptation to use "you and me" when listing yourself and another person, is incorrect, and not proper English. "you and I" is always correct.


you need to research more. As an English teach with a lifetime of experience you use the pronoun appropriate to the part of speech. As a direct object, its me, as a subject its I.  Its always been this way, it has not changed. Verify your information before stating inaccuracies. Me go to store today. Will you go with I? Wrong wrong wrong. 

(1 edit) (+1)(-1)

your argument is invalid
butt seriously, your argument is a fallacy of false equivalence, that is indeed a grammatical rule, but not the one that applies in this grammatical situation. you should go get a refund on your ESL-china work permit.you know what else is grammatically wrong? - "wrong wrong wrong" is wrong, you forgot the commas, and the syntax is doubly redundant.


https://medium.com/@The_YUNiversity/q-is-it-you-and-i-or-you-and-me-2ee3cc312f0a.  Its easy to verify, so why do lamebrains post their lies without checking.

Ah, so you believe that William Shakespeare was an expert in the use of specifically 21st Century dialectical modern American English in the late 1500s, as was Charles Dickens in the mid 1800s, and as also Edgar Allen Poe in the early 1800s. They must have been great mediums of times to come and you yourself an expert historian and scholar of their works.

your fallacy of false equivalence has zero validity.
we are not discussing archaic authors who used English, we are discussing modern authors who use American Dialect.
this has already been stated plainly, maybe you should learn to read before trying to write? 


LOVE, LOVE this game, the choices, options not to mention the work and hours put into it.  This game, Neko Paradise, My New Family, Heros Harem Guild, Tales of Unity are so beyond what I had hoped to find.  Don't ever stop!


....did my dog just die?


aight so, im new to this whole thing but i just wanted to say, this is the first time a game has actually given me anxiety over my choices, some of them feel so drastic and it fucking WONDERFUL! its immersive and i feel like im losing my mind, so please keep doing a wonderful job! when it comes to good writing, things take time.

This so much dude..

I did not expect to experience the most difficult choices I've ever made on a game wtf... 

I  feel bad for practically every single decision


Where I can join discord server? Where is the link? 

(1 edit)

I realise this is old, but for others:

Radiant: Official (discord.com) is more active I think ?

Eternity Games Official (discord.com)

(4 edits) (+29)(-4)

Addressing the below comments!

So firstly: I post regular progress reports in our Discord servers, which are free/open to the public and can be accessed by anyone, Patron or no.

I manage a TON of different pages like this one, so it's easier/faster for me to just share news about development there.

Anyone who is in these servers is aware of why Ch5 of Polarity is taking a while, as I've explained it numerous times before... but allow me to give you guys here on Itch a quick rundown.

1. No, Polarity is not abandoned, nor is development on hold!

2. Yes, I released Ch3 of my other game, Radiant, fairly recently.

3. Yes, there's a very good reason why this one is taking so long.

As I explained over on Discord, Polarity Ch5 is the biggest, lengthiest, and most complex update I've created to date. It is double the size of Chapter 4, which was already much larger than any of the previous chapters. On a single linear playthrough, the chapter is over four hours long, and that's excluding those with multiple save-files who will replay to see the different paths.

So naturally, because the update/chapter is so large, it's taking quite a while to develop. It's basically a years worth of development condensed down into one update. I've been very open and transparent that this would be the case.

Now as for why the chapter is so large...

Polarity Ch5 marks the end of Part 1 of the story, so you can basically think of it like the "finale." It is also perhaps the most important chapter of the game. Getting it right is extremely important to me, especially since it's the turning point of the game and sets the stage for the second half.

Anyway, sorry you guys have been waiting for a while. Just know I appreciate y'all and I'm working on it! Your concerns & criticisms are very valid, and I don't blame you guys for having them.




thank you for finally posting this update/statement ive been a fan of your games for awhile now.


oh my gosh, this is no joke one of my favorite games from this website I played it around a year ago and kind of forgot it existed thank you so much for updating it.


I'm sure the number of comments asking for an update can feel discouraging, but take it as a positive that so many people desperately want to see more of what you have to offer. Hope you're going well!

Does this mean that chapter 5 will come out soon? It's been a year and almost 3 months. Also radiant is amazing. I love it and can't wait for a new chapter of that as well


No longer supporting the game.


This is NOT the way to keep your audience :(


It seems like the dev is ignoring this to keep making money from the people who want this game to finish. Probably finished it and is just holding it. I've seen a few other devs do this when they realize they won't keep getting paid for it once it's finished.

(2 edits) (+11)(-1)

This makes very little sense for me personally (I can't speak for other devs), as whenever I put out a new chapter or update my income increases substantially. The quickest way for me to earn money would be to just churn out chapters as quickly as possible with little thought or care put into them.

However, I do things a bit differently than many developers, in the sense that I do not limit myself to a set length or schedule. This allows me to make the chapters as lengthy/complex as they need to be without hurting the game's overall polish or quality. It's a slow & difficult process, but I think the final product will prove without a doubt that it was worthwhile.

Anyway, I posted a little progress report/explanation in the comments above for you guys. I hope this helps to ease worries & concerns: https://itch.io/post/4175864




hes done some work for his other game so its safe to assume this one is still being worked on even if its at a slower pace.

still no news ?

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