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The hit NSFW video game, Polarity, has released its next chapter. Available now on PC, Mac, Linux, and Android!

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You're a professional martial artist who retired from his job early and started a new life in a brand new city. It turns out that having virtually endless free-time plus money to blow changes everything. You're thrust into a world of sex, drugs, MILF's, drama, and romance- something your previous life allowed little time for. It isn't long before you're involved in relationships with two gorgeous women, both of whom are single mothers with teenage daughters.

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Polarity is an episodic, choice-driven 3D visual novel made with Ren'Py. Sexual content is fully animated.


• All available chapters of the game (All-in-One)! 
• Fully animated (3DCG) lewd content! 
• Multiple playable paths & various in-game choices! 
• High quality renders & animations! 
• Explores multiple fetishes (listed below)! 
• Multiple romantic relationships! 
• Compressed to avoid unnecessary storage! 
• Full soundtrack with both music & sounds! 
• And more!


• Harem - you can have multiple sexual relationships. 
• Cheating - you can sneak around behind your partner's backs.
• MILF - cougar, mature, mom I'd like to fuck. 
• Corruption - break them of their innocence or make them your plaything. 
• Rough Sex - some of the girls like it rough, some of them just don't know it.  
• Feet - for those who are interested in footjobs and cute toes. 
• PoV - you'll see everything through the eyes of the main character.
• Pregnancy - knock them all up!
• Misc - vaginal, anal, sucking, licking, titjob, handjob, fingering, etc!


• Romance - explore intimate relationships with your partners. 
• Slice of Life - a realistic representation of everyday experiences. 
• Drama - all good stories come with a little bit of controversy and tragedy. 
• Suspense - you will encounter stressful and high intensity situations. 
• Mystery - there will be various plot twists & unexpected events to unravel. 
• Management - run a dojo, balance multiple relationships, and shape the story.

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Polarity-v0.4p-the66.apk 700 MB

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First off i just want to say, if any adult game deserves an official platform release its this one. The story gets you involved in the characters and the nsfw content still shines along side it. I even check weekly for updates to the game, i assume you prefer patreon donations? 

Patreon is the best place to donate/follow the latest updates for the game. Yup! Thanks for the kind words.

Warning, mild spoilers for Chapter 4 ahead so I can report issues.

First, let me say thanks for another excellent chapter.  It was jam-packed with scenes!  Some issues below:

At the end of Chapter 3, I happened to save on the "Thanks to all who support me" screen instead of the "Please save your game" screen.  This caused a weird quirk when loading the save in 0.4 - the summary report screen doesn't show up right and that text gets overlaid on the "Thanks" screen.  But you can back up and enter the summary as normal.

Then the cactuar scene - instant LOL.

There's a continuity issue early in Chapter 4 if you're not involved with Lucia.  You still get the Naomi line "when did he take off his boxers?" when there's no reason for it. Also, the "very wet dream" part of a followup line doesn't make as much sense.  Then there's a third line with "having just cum" which also doesn't make sense.

This is trivial, and I know it would be a pain in the ass because of variations in followup scenes, but I really wished I had a choice when car shopping.  But if you have to choose between working on alternate car scenes or more scenes with the girls, I definitely vote for the girls.  :)

I didn't go back and double-check it, but I'm pretty sure there was a typo of "irresistable" (should be irresistible) if you are on the Tanesha path.  But overall the editing was quite good in this chapter.

(3 edits)

Thanks! All's fixed and will be patched in 0.4.1.

As for the scenario with Tanesha... the walkthrough actually recommends choosing Amelia for this specific date scene (unless you can't stand her) because those who do will still get a very similar scene/date with Tanesha later on. Meanwhile, you'll never get another chance with Amelia so if you want both girls, opt to see Amelia in this update/make sure she agrees to date you in Ch3.

This was one of those rare instances where players won't have a direct/immediate choice between events -- but they technically still do, since the event that occurs is the result of an earlier choice.

That's one comment I forgot about - I was a bit annoyed at getting forced into the Tanesha date.  I don't have any problem with the character - she's gorgeous, but one of my playthroughs was trying to limit things to Naomi and Lyanna, and I felt like I'd lost control of the character when I got railroaded into that date.


LMAO at the beginning of Ep4.  That was a WTF moment.  :D


are yu gonna put update on itch app??

Should already be there.


Very nicely done.  Some quick corrections to 0.3.1:


diffuse -> defuse

feint -> faint


acitivity -> activity


Its been -> It's been

Lillith -> Lilith

I'd of -> I'd have

Looking forward to the next chapter!

Thank you! And Ch4 is live


Great story in this one. Transitions are a little arupt or sudden, but it goes with the rest. Nice how you include each new character as a hard choice. Hope you keep making VN like this.


Good game. Great character design. The redhead looks like a girl I used to bang. She's my number 1.


Love the look! Where did you guys get the 3Dmodels from? I have some idea's for a kinky game i want to make in the future and not sure where to find affordable but good 3D nude/ fetish model(s) to use with Unity.

currently I'm still working on a latex fetish photo card game, just put up the first early version: https://guldor.itch.io/latex-fetish-solitair


I like that the game is choice driven, but its been like a month since the updates when Wil CHPTR 4 arrive...

I dont think you know how much work goes in to these games...

dont hold your breath dude. hes been promising chapter four "next week" or "in a few days" for like 6 months

Chapter 4 is live.

This game is awesome and has so much potential to be one of the best! What happened to chapter 4?

It's live.

Same as below. Denied access and can't play the game. Whassup with that.

No idea, but it's most likely an error on itch.io's side. That said if you're trying to play the Android version, it may ask you for certain permissions, but that has more to do with Ren'Py (the game's engine) than the game itself. If you 'Allow,' you should be good to play it. Nothing invasive.

Redownloaded and reinstalled. Works fine. Many thanks for a great game.

Why does the game want acces to my pictures?

3 из 5, чисто за две вещи:

1. Графика фона, она отвратительная.
2. Выбор ничего не даёт, можно сколько угодно пытаться увильнуть от начальной Наоми и ты этого не сделаешь.

(2 edits) (+1)

All I can say is: you bastard. This is only the second renpy VN that made me decide to be a better person and only pursue a single girl (The first one being Offcuts). I would just feel bad about breaking Naomi's heart.

So what did you do? You made me feel equally as bad for crushing Mel's self-esteem and breaking Lyanna's heart. No matter what I do, I'm a terrible person.

You bastard.

Edit: And you even have a portion where girls line up and I have to reject them one by one.


Dude... go back and play the "Harem Route" and AFTER YOU DO THIS you can come here and say that Dammed is this and that and that.

Offcuts does not give you a choice lol. Chose one lose the other


Well... I don't know if the scene is too heavy for my mere humble PC, or it's a bug... 'cause even the difficult in play certain scenes (usually that ones with animation), I waited a bit and it just worked... but, in this case here, it seems to be even heaviest, and crashed... but, if it is a bug, here's my report :v 

Unfortunately it sounds like it's your computer. :( Have you tried playing on Android instead?

way too short, just when i get interested, it was over. I would definitely pay for a full game, but was very sad at ending so short. Best game like this I've played so far.

(1 edit)

Its version 0.3.1 what do you expect

Pleasently surprised, and quite a game at that. Awaiting more. :-)

Chapter 4 is live, but I recommend waiting for Ch5 and possibly even Ch6 before picking it back up unless you don't mind ~1hr of gameplay.

Thanks. Yeah I'm totally going to wait for chapter 6. I like to play a few hours at a time, and you definitely have me intrigued with this story Sir. Love it, just can't get enough, so addicted. 😎👍

(1 edit)

I love the game so far.

And the animation is smooth.

Story seems ok so far, same with another post here, more interested in tracking that fucker down that burnt down the house and killed maggie, one suggestion I would make though, there seems to be alot of conversations where its steering the reader (player) into situations where there could have been an option for a less "black and white" answer. Overall its not bad though..


Man I love how during the first date there is an Overlord poster in the background, that really brought this game up to a 10/10

The game or the anime?

The anime

I wish this game had a discord. It would be great to discuss, speculate, and receive updates (behind patreon supporters ofc). 

(1 edit)

We got one! https://discord.gg/wfUENFW Looking forward to seeing you there.

Is there a default name in this game? It started with my name as a default and I'm a little concerned...


I need help because anytime I try to download something from here it tells me prohibited and the downloads do not load anymore. Can someone tell me why does this happens? );

Hey Lolman007, sorry about this! My initial plan was to create a new game-page for each chapter of Polarity... but I decided to instead consolidate this into one. You can find the free all-in-one download of Chapters 1-3 here: https://sir-dammed.itch.io/polarity

Is there a gallery/Scene Replay option?

Is there actually only a couple hours of content so far? I feel like each chapter went by pretty quickly, and was dissapointed that most of the mentioned fetishes and mechanics seem absent so far. Did I miss something or is that just a list of "eventually when done" stuff?

That's part & parcel of early-access/in-development games. Since Polarity is episodic and not yet a completed game you will only find around 3 hours of content so far. Eventually this will be 10-15.

Just to let you know, when I loaded the save from Chapter 2, it wouldn't carry me on to Chapter 3, but gave me the end game message. I had to start over again.


Okay, I really need to know what separates the Cheating route from the Harem route bc I love all these characters and I don't wanna hurt them!

When chapter 4?

even the patreons are still waiting. been 24 days since it was "out in a week" pretty much radio silence from the creator atm

So when's the new update coming out? I think u said early March,  it's almost mid March now.


I remember playing Chapter 1 when it came out and was really impressed. Just came back and finished all three chapters and I'm hooked! I can't wait for the next one, might even have to become a Patron! If I may ask, how many chapters are you planning on adding to the game? Very curious! 

Haven't been so hooked on a visual novel story like this before! I knew I was hooked when I was more interested in getting revenge for Maggie and getting to the bottom of the mystery guy than I was with actually seducing the women... LOL. Anyway, awesome job so far, & I think you're a very talented writer. Best of luck!


i hope all the girls can be in the harem, id rather not cheat but still get the girls

Menu music is missing from the soundtrack and im pretty sure others tracks are as well 

it's a shame i really love the music in this game :(


Strange, there shouldn't be anything missing other than the menu track, which you should be able to find in the main game folder (instead of the audio folder). Outside of that all tracks should be in "audio."


alright thx for letting me know 


Man I open this Account for this game , I Just Love it u guys are Perfect , Story , Scence , Girls Are perfect More Episode , More , More . That's my first time being so addicted like this content  game

Thanks so much dude! That means a lot.


Top work man, really engaging story and the girls are beautiful. Can't wait for the next episode. 

I appreciate it!

when chapter 4?

Actually good game, good graphics need more of this! :D


cant wait for the next updat

Can't wait to release it to you guys!


I wonder when the next update is coming?

Very soon! Expect Chapter 4 to launch early March.


Love this game, need more. Great work Sir Dammed

Thanks so much for the feedback!

For how much is done right now, this game is great! The animations are a bit, how to say, rough. The stroy is appealing and fun and there is a good balance between story and lewd actions. 


this games story is amazing never give up on it 

Thank you! Really appreciate the feedback. And trust me when I say that my games will never, ever be abandoned. My OCD simply wouldn't allow it. x)

By the way you found Chapter 2, right? https://sir-dammed.itch.io/polarity


yes i have found it

not claimable.

That's because I'm somewhat unfamiliar with how things work on Itch, being a fairly new developer-- and since Polarity is an episodic game that will have many future chapters released, I wasn't sure if making it "claimable" would allow people to get future chapters free as well. Only Chapter 1 is meant to be free, and it's for a limited time.

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