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The hit NSFW video game, Polarity, has released its next chapter. Available now on PC, Mac, Linux, and Android!

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You're a professional martial artist who retired from his job early and started a new life in a brand new city. It turns out that having virtually endless free-time plus money to blow changes everything. You're thrust into a world of sex, drugs, MILF's, drama, and romance- something your previous life allowed little time for. It isn't long before you're involved in relationships with two gorgeous women, both of whom are single mothers with teenage daughters.

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Polarity is an episodic, choice-driven 3D visual novel made with Ren'Py. Sexual content is fully animated.


• All available chapters of the game (All-in-One)! 
• Fully animated (3DCG) lewd content! 
• Multiple playable paths & various in-game choices! 
• High quality renders & animations! 
• Explores multiple fetishes (listed below)! 
• Multiple romantic relationships! 
• Compressed to avoid unnecessary storage! 
• Full soundtrack with both music & sounds! 
• And more!


• Harem - you can have multiple sexual relationships. 
• Cheating - you can sneak around behind your partner's backs.
• MILF - cougar, mature, mom I'd like to fuck. 
• Corruption - break them of their innocence or make them your plaything. 
• Rough Sex - some of the girls like it rough, some of them just don't know it.  
• Feet - for those who are interested in footjobs and cute toes. 
• PoV - you'll see everything through the eyes of the main character.
• Pregnancy - knock them all up!
• Misc - vaginal, anal, sucking, licking, titjob, handjob, fingering, etc!


• Romance - explore intimate relationships with your partners. 
• Slice of Life - a realistic representation of everyday experiences. 
• Drama - all good stories come with a little bit of controversy and tragedy. 
• Suspense - you will encounter stressful and high intensity situations. 
• Mystery - there will be various plot twists & unexpected events to unravel. 
• Management - run a dojo, balance multiple relationships, and shape the story.

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Polarity-0.4-mac.zip 1 GB
Polarity-v0.4p-the66.apk 700 MB

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Dude come on we need an update. Did mc died or bad guy? Like come on.

Not sure if anyone else is having this issue but its not giving me a download option when I click install.

When is part 5 coming? Can't read Patreon post.

no date yet


the project isn't abandoned check his patron don't be a lazy bitch!.

Buy him a coffee on the website and let him know which game you like and want to see updated. 

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pretty sure the dev calls himself "eternity games", because it takes an eternity to get through the startup splash screens


1 year no update. fuck you


Sir how its lookin :) we need the 5 ma man :D 

good so far hope for more


going to end up like radiant starts off really strong gets bored moves onto another game gets ppl into it and lets it die like this one 


i totally agree. takes a whole year for an update i take it.


looks like this is yet another good game with potential that ends up getting abandoned. hasnt been a update in almost a year no new chapters or anything.. Come on dev listen to  the people

I hate to think that this was abandoned, because it has so many good point

Any update ?


Are saves compatible between OS? I don't wanna have to start again.


June 29th 2020 was the last update? :(


This game is another nice surprise, characters are nicely wrote, renders and animations are good and the story so far seems interesting, choices seems matter too (at least that's the feeling I get with current build). I'm really curious how everything will turn out.

The only thing I can by picky is the time-frame, everything happen very fast (around 1 week in game) but it's always hard thing to do in VN... and it's still better that artificially making it longer.

Overall, great game, keep a good work! Can't wait how the things turn out (hope there will be happy harem end :P)!


Good news after about 3 months of silence another post on patreon. Apparently he did some sort of double update. (Whatever that means) So hopefully we will get our next update in the coming weeks.


Thank you for sharing the update.


Good new! Thanks for sharing

I love this visual novel. I love how the characters look and I am loving the story so far, I also love the amount of choices you have to make and I love the grammar as well (since some of the games here have pretty bad grammar). I am totally looking forward for the next update!


Hey are there any updates about the state of the game?


there's updates on patreon


Is there a gallery or scene replay?


I was enjoying this storyline until I was massively disappointed by the main character being killed at the very end. Am I missing something because there's nothing worse than a story where the main character gets killed right at the very end.


Except the MC doesn't die and it's not the end? Not sure where you got either of those assumptions.

Hi, I'm playing the game on my android device and where I'm at is you just find out that the det. Kane and the murderer are brother and sister, then the cop hesitates and the main character gets stabbed and sliced and the screen goes black, after that you hear a gunshot and that's where the game seems to end for me. Could you tell me if im doing something wrong because I'm stumped, Thanks.

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The game is still in development. That is not the end of the game, just the end of the chapter. If you check out the dev's Patreon, you'd see that a big update should be out soon.


Cool, thanks for the insight Mordred. I appreciate your help.


Is there going to be another update soon. I`m really looking forward to it.


I was going to sign up on Patreon but that has older info than itch.  I love the two main love/sex interests.  The rendering and art are fantastic, and the story is serious and hilarious at the same time.

dont sign up on patreon, patreon is actively working at removing all adult content from its site as it tries to become profitable.
all adult content creators on patreon are about to be bankrupted, which will pretty much destroy this genre, because creators are not watching whats going on


I will buy you a coffee then sir.  Please continue the hard work.  Love the games.

hey, im not the dev.. but sure, "name your own price" when you download on this website :) itch supports the community 

Ah, thanks.  Will do.


I love this game! I created an ITCH IO account just to comment here..  I keep checking for any update information, but sadly I don't see any.  I am hoping this has not become an abandoned project.

So I can't say 'swell' without getting criticized, huh? Instantly deleted.


So Sir Damned appears to still be active on discord. Id imagine he is still working on this and its just a slower pace, the update between chp 3 and 4 was about 7 months. This update has taken about 9 so far. God i hope its done soon.


Someone know how to fix bug at breakfast event in chapter 1 ? The game always looping after ask about "night event" and "melanie event".game version V. 0.4.3 on Android device


Awesome game but its time for another chapter ASAP


It's been a while no news drop :(

The game is really good. But what i missed is a gallery with the scenes and a path with all the ways you can go.


Any news on updates? been a while.


Curious about the next update as well since it's been about 6 months. This is a great game and I'm eager to continue.


Any news for the next chapter ? 


Really amazing game! Loved every minute of it, especially the story. Waiting for the next chapters, and great job on this man!

How can I access all 4 chapters? I just found you.

Sir dammed on mobile for polarity I'm getting a text loop the morning after the first date with Naomi

I got it too, did you already know how to fix it ?


How do i fix it?


I wonder when chapter 5 will come out


We all wonder, our wait will be rewarded


Yo this game is fucking good. Any ideas on chap 5 release?


Great game! Very involving. I can't wait for the next Chapter.


Story: 7/10

Freedom of movement: 4/10

CGI Quality: 8/10

Replayable: 9/10

Character Hotness: 8/10

I really enjoy this game and I think it has great potential for future chapters, but I hope I will be able to choose which women I want to focus on. Excellent work thus far.


It is made specifically to be a Harem game, which in the guide they consistently take a jab at those of us who'd tend to prefer to go with one specific character & relationship to remind us that it is again, a Harem game. But simultaneously, Sir Dammed is creating the story and character development intentionally to cause the conflicts, emotions, etc in us as the MC, and really... that for me leaves it up in the air as to if it'll be truly possible to complete the game only with one relationship. Also, I am sure is intended haha. THE BASTARD IS TOO GOOD AT THIS S**T! lmao. But hey, at least it means he's doing a damm (such a clever name play) good job on the writing & development of the characters. That's always a bittersweet bonus!

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