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The hit NSFW video game, Polarity, has released its next chapter. Available now on PC, Mac, Linux, and Android!

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You're a professional martial artist who retired from his job early and started a new life in a brand new city. It turns out that having virtually endless free-time plus money to blow changes everything. You're thrust into a world of sex, drugs, MILF's, drama, and romance- something your previous life allowed little time for. It isn't long before you're involved in relationships with two gorgeous women, both of whom are single mothers with 18 y/o daughters.

Looking for Chapter 5? 

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Polarity is an episodic, choice-driven 3D visual novel made with Ren'Py. Sexual content is fully animated.


• All available chapters of the game (All-in-One)! 
• Fully animated (3DCG) lewd content! 
• Multiple playable paths & various in-game choices! 
• High quality renders & animations! 
• Explores multiple fetishes (listed below)! 
• Multiple romantic relationships! 
• Compressed to avoid unnecessary storage! 
• Full soundtrack with both music & sounds! 
• And more!


• Harem - you can have multiple sexual relationships. 
• Cheating - you can sneak around behind your partner's backs.
• MILF - cougar, mature, mom I'd like to fuck. 
• Corruption - break them of their innocence or make them your plaything. 
• Rough Sex - some of the girls like it rough, some of them just don't know it.  
• Feet - for those who are interested in footjobs and cute toes. 
• PoV - you'll see everything through the eyes of the main character.
• Pregnancy - knock them all up!
• Misc - vaginal, anal, sucking, licking, titjob, handjob, fingering, etc!


• Romance - explore intimate relationships with your partners. 
• Slice of Life - a realistic representation of everyday experiences. 
• Drama - all good stories come with a little bit of controversy and tragedy. 
• Suspense - you will encounter stressful and high intensity situations. 
• Mystery - there will be various plot twists & unexpected events to unravel. 
• Management - run a dojo, balance multiple relationships, and shape the story.

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Patrons will receive all sorts of goodies & rewards, such as early-access to projects I'm currently working on!


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This game is not being worked on nor will it be finished.

They can barely work on Radiant without one of them threatening to quit the project because the other doesn't do anything.

As good as Radiant is, Polarity is just simply more fun and compelling, but considering we're nearing 4 years with nothing I'm just going to write this off and stop following.

I ask in hope i am right PLEASE someone tell me that there is ZERO ntr in this

I haven't played this, but it says right there in the description that you can cheat on your partners. Do you consider that NTR? If so, then there is at least the possibility it would seem.

nope so long as i don't got to play as simp or a beta i am good to go


Yeah, I'm not sure that the lack of NTR will save your character from being a simp or beta.

You might not be a cuck, but I have only ran across a handful of games where the Mc wasn't a whiny little bitch standing around silently waiting for the women around him to tell him what to do, where to go, what to say, what to wear, how to act, how to speak, etc., etc., etc..

well here's hoping it ain't that

Well, let me know how it starts. I'm still betting that this game is pretty much abandoned, so I'm not gonna bother downloading it.


He has just put out a statement on his Discord or Patreon.  It's not dead.  


"Don't worry guys, I will update the game within the next 6-10 years."

What a ringing endorsement.


Truth hurts, eh?


Safe to say, this is dead. RIP


no update since 2020


Holy fucking shit!! THIS IS THE BEST GOD DAMN STORY I'VE FOUND!!! I want to know what happened after the end of chapter four!! This game Needs nay DESERVES an update!!


It's been dead since 2020


This is such a great story. Please consider continuing it. 🙏


I've been hoping they keep this one going, too!


Question: What is the depth of the pregnancy system?


It got abandoned before ever being implemented

I'm going through the game now, and loving the story, but a bit confused. A part of the game with Naomi says "Like mother, like daughter". This tells me that either A) this is a part that was maybe missed or B) this part where you interact with Melanie and already know about her ability to turn into a Vegas fountain is apparently missing? I've tried going through the beginning in different ways but nothing changes. Am I missing something?


When the protagonist sleeps with both of them, it makes sense.


Oh that makes sense, have not done that!


hurry up dont leave us on a cliff hanger like that and whats the other game


Check back in the year 2033.


The other game is Radiant, and it's a paid game unlike the free Polarity, but the Dev has claimed that's he's passionate about finishing Polarity, they just want to get Radiant done first by the sounds of it.

cant  download  from the itch app

Is the game finish


No dev has been working on his other game so I don't know if coming back to this one


what game?


where is the game

Radiant game website itch.io

Just Google if that help


you can just look under details and click on the author to see all their other publishes

Deleted 1 year ago

What Tier?

Deleted 1 year ago

Really??  The scam artist (Eternity Games) posted that chapter 5 post in May 2021. Two years ago, don't "donate" to scammers


Game is so good! Wish it came back alive.

hey are u going to update this game?


I think the game is sadly abandoned.


There hasn't been an update since 2020.  I think it's safe to say it isn't happening.

damn what a shame


Sir-Dammed is still looking for a good 3D-artist and after this, the game can be continued


Whether or not he does or don't, doesn't really matter to me.  I've no interest in this anymore or anything made by this dev.  Assuming he even does, I'm not going to pick it back up so it can be tossed aside at a later date for another game that he wants to start.

Plenty of other games out there by devs that are actually motivated to finish a project.

(2 edits) (+20)(-3)

Eventually, but I've gone into some detail about why it will be a little while.

Polarity is a huge passion of mine and I want nothing more than to see it to its end. It makes me very happy to know you guys enjoyed it so much!


its been 3 years. I dont think anyone believes "a little while" any longer. frankly it probably would have been better to just be honest with everyone a long time ago.


I'd personally love to see the game finished, even if there's been a massive gap. I honestly, also don't mind if the visuals don't come out with the story. The story is what currently has me hooked the most. I'm dying to know what happened at the end of chapter 4. It's a cliff-hanger I'd like to see answered.


Game is dead.

hey does the install button work for anyone because it won't work for me on the itch.io ap


Here's hoping the game gets picked back up. I really enjoyed it and there are so many directions that can taken. Please PLEASE pick it back up Sir Dammed.


Wow! What an ending to Chapter 4! I am now invested in what happens next! Well done, sir!


Same thing that has happened for the last 2 years will be happening next.  A big nothing.

I agree. I don't expect another update, this game is obviously dead, but my comment is still true.





(1 edit) (+4)(-7)

the fact that people here keep complaining about the update regardless of wether or not it actually appears is unless you are fincally supporting him of course, is to put it midly retarted.


shame that this game was abandoned, its pretty clear that with the focus being on the other game and not even being able to put out releases for that means that ep4 was the last ep for polarity.  Sad.


Sir Dammeda month ago(+1)

Sorry to hear that you aren't as interested in Radiant. To answer the "if ever" part of your question: yeah, I absolutely plan to continue and finish Polarity.

The question of "when" is a bit more tricky. I'm currently seeking an artist for it because the artwork for the game is the single biggest struggle for me as a developer (I have zero natural talent for artwork, and not the best eye either).

Once things have gotten back on track with Radiant, I will be far more proactive and aggressive in seeking out these services... and when I've done so I'll be making a huge update here on Itch and on the game's Patreon with information about my plans going forward. Until then, I can only ask that you bear with me.

I know this priority may seem unfair since Polarity was started before Radiant... but Radiant is not a free game, unlike Polarity, and I'm also working with an artist... meaning I have to be more strict with its development.

I hope you can understand, and regardless, I appreciate you and your support of my projects.


Why do you always quotes his messages, the dev can't answer himself ? Like too busy to even respond to the comms on a game who has not been update for 2 years but still getting funded ?

Don't mean to be rude but getting money for 2 years by doing nothing looks like a joke to me. If you don't have 10 min in ONE YEAR to just  leave a note then you don't have respect for your audience


We have an official Discord where I've discussed and explained what's going on with Polarity numerous times over the last two years. For news and updates regarding my games, the RK Studios Discord is the place to be.

(1 edit)

I love how he's also responded to your comment, and not a single response from your end. Give the game devs some faith. It's a struggle to balance multiple projects at once, and what it seems with Polarity, a game with multiple routes, it takes longer to develop than something like a shooter game. Instead of complaining, try rejecting some of the girls you always allowed, or allow advances on some of the girls who you've never bothered to look at before. In other words, try out the different paths the game may have to offer. Does rejecting Melanie early still cause her to get jealous if you accept the advances of Lucia later? Etc, etc.

One final note. You can only hate something or someone, if you were taught to, if they or it wronged you, or you actually care about the project or story.


I not criticising the game or the Dev here. Everyone as a life outside the net and the game is really interesting so far and that precisely why it's frustrating.

I don't ask for an update on the spot, I can't even imagine how much work what there is so far took. 

I'm criticising the lack of communication for an extend period. I know they said that there is a discord but not everyone as discord and not everyone are on the server. Their fault you will say. Sure, but when you have a web page you can at least put a message to say that the game is still in progress (or not) but you don't know when the next update will be, that all I'm asking 

(1 edit) (+1)(-4)


The dev's latest game Radiant that nobody cares about has already gotten off track?  Whodathunkit?

Well, time to abandon that game and start up another one again.  What an epic steaming dog pile of a post.  The dev isn't even working on it but supposedly is seeking an artist for it while he tries to get Radiant "back on track"

Yup.  More fake news from another struggling dev that has no intention to finish anything he starts.

(2 edits) (+4)

I understand that you're upset or angry with us, but it's pretty clear that Radiant isn't abandoned. It received a massive update with over 3 hours of new content less than 2 months before you posted this, and Chapter 5, which isn't far off in size, was just launched today.

I was also pretty clear with what I said, but I believe you misunderstood me so I'll reiterate: Polarity is a free project that I started developing on my own. I've never charged a penny for it or received a single dollar in exchange for the game itself.

Radiant, on the other hand, is a paid project and therefore consistently developing it has to take precedence over Polarity. Not long after Radiant Chapter 2 launched, we had some personal and real-world issues that delayed development and set us back by months, but those things have been resolved and development is back to normal.

This most likely means I'll be able to resume development of Polarity at some point in the near future, and when I do, I'll make an announcement. None of what happened means Polarity is forever abandoned: it's a passion project that I'm eager to continue, and I will do so eventually.

Finally, I don't know why you're so dead-set on lumping me in with struggling or failed developers. Since I started creating games 3 years ago I've published nearly 20 hours of content, which is substantially more than most indie game and AVN developers for such a short time period. I'm very passionate about game development, and if I can find a way I'd like to get to the point where I can publish 20 hours per year... but I'm not superhuman and have to consider things like family and health.

P.S. I'm not trying to be petty but Radiant has over 8,000 followers, sits between 850-1400 paying subscribers, and has directly sold several thousands of copies... so "a game nobody cares about" is kind of a stretch.

I hope you have a good rest of the year my friend.


I wasn't able to read very much of this cool story before I quit out of sheer boredom. My reaction is:  OK 😁👌


You passion shows in your updates.I'm just glad I found an amazing story that the developer is dead-set on finishing, even if it's taking a while. When I get paid, I'll purchase this game from itch. Does $30 sound good for this masterpiece?


The dude even said himself he was not working on this game anymore as he is busy working on another game to abandon in a year or so.


you are FAKE NEWS!

(1 edit) (+4)

This is false. The screenshot is from a pirate site that marks games abandoned after x-amount of time passed, regardless of whether developers can prove a game is being worked on or not. It's just their policy and isn't necessarily an accurate reflection of reality.

As I've said/proven numerous times, I've done quite a bit of work on Polarity Chapter 5, however currently my focus is on Radiant, which isn't abandoned (has received two very large updates in 6 months) and isn't going to be. Polarity's development will be resumed as soon as it's possible and I'll make an announcement when it is.

Fans of the game and those of you who supported me and this game in its infancy, just know I greatly love and appreciate you all!


I do NOT have a voice as I am not a supporter and nobody should take this as a biased opinion, but I do not understand. The Dev replied comments (as of October 25th) about this VN that its bigger than Chapter 4, but there's no news regarding teasers to keep up a hype. 

Many VN creators tease their supporters for upcoming updates and news. You'll get more supporters if you have consistency on interactions means your goal will be reached. Listen, I always think the development of this VN is dead because it's been so long since the last update, but I want to be proven wrong. 

Polarity was on my top 5 favorite VN when I saw a bit consistency around Chapter 2, but then dropped heavily over a year ago. Just because you do not have a schedule for the game at all, doesn't mean you shouldn't throw some teasers a bit and let your supporters know when you'll be finishing Chapter 5 after your few teasers.

Do keep in mind you still have actual supporters waiting for any update or news on your Paetron page. 

By the way, if this project of yours is really dead like what the comments are saying (I REALLY HOPE NOT) and you're still receiving income from your supporters, you should be held responsible and refund your supporters after your last update information of 05/27/2021.

Do not take this as an accusation of any sort. This is more of a criticism and if its valid or not, I am fine with it. Thank you for taking your time reading this and have an awesome week.

(1 edit)

05/27/2021 you posted a Dev Update to your patreons that Chapter 5 is almost done. Will it ever come to the itchio community?

nice game, music compliments the comfortable storytelling. The antagonist can't be taken seriously, but I didnt bought into a thriller so its ok

got to creampie some girls, but never got impregnation feedback from them, because I get a hard
--cliffhanger at the end of Ch4--

I understand that the dev needs his share and these games are extreme niche products. I dont have the income to subscribe, but sometimes I can effort a buy.

I spent 5$

I don't even think the chap 5 is out on patreon 


Thank you for the support and I'm glad you enjoyed the first four chapters of this. Unfortunately a lot has changed since I posted that devlog and Polarity is currently sleeping, but will be revived as soon as is humanly possible. My other game Radiant, on the other hand, just launched its fifth chapter and is being developed normally.

If you'd like to follow my projects and see direct/regular communication from me, our official Discord is the best place for that.

any news ??


I think if people who aren't financially supporting you and the development of your games they should probably tone down the rhetoric.

Both games are great and as a non paying subscriber I eagerly await updates for these amazing stories.

Thanks and looking forward to the continuation of Polarity!


Hopefully this game will finally get updated now

They're finishing the paid game of Radiant, then they're hoping to return to this one.


I don't think you deserve to be insult even less with the really good start of your game, but after 2 years whitout update and several months whitout a word some people will obviously be mad, you should try to at least keep us in touch once in a while 


Sir Dammed14 days ago(edited)(+2)

Dev here. Thanks for being constructive in your comment/criticism. I fully understand where you're coming from with this, and said understanding is partly why I recently made a huge devlog over on our Patreon discussing the long wait for the chapter, steps we took to ensure that won't be the case for Radiant Ch5 and onward, etc.

Also... Chapter 4 is releasing this month (August).


Nobody here cares for Radiant, we want POLARITY!


Sir Dammed23 days ago(edited)(+2)

Dev here. Thanks for being constructive in your comment/criticism. I fully understand where you're coming from with this, and said understanding is partly why I recently made a huge devlog over on our Patreon discussing the long wait for the chapter, steps we took to ensure that won't be the case for Radiant Ch5 and onward, etc.

Also... Chapter 4 is releasing this month (August).

There is something I wanted to address about what you said: Patreon is a subscription platform where many people pledge month to month, optionally paying far more than the average person and not getting that much in the way of "exclusive benefits" in return for doing so... which is why I am somewhat strict about sharing things there exclusively. It's not that I don't want others to have access to the things we share, so much as it is that I want to give back to our patrons.

With the above in mind, things like monthly wallpapers shouldn't be a surprise. As for long, detailed devlogs like the one I recently wrote, I do feel this is a big part of what makes it worth the average patron's while... but that doesn't mean I shouldn't do a better job communicating the fundamentals here on platforms like Itch, and I will try to be more mindful of that going forward.

P.S. There was a LOT of false statements and misinformation in the comments below. People suggesting we gave release dates that we did not, claiming we said things that we did not, etc. Try not to let said comments inform your views of us and the game: it will accomplish nothing but getting you riled up, which is good for no one. If you're ever curious about something, I can be reached on our official Discord and my DM's are always open/I reply to everyone.

P.S.S. While Ch4 has indeed taken a little over a year, the average chapter for this game will be approximately 4-5 months. This may still seem like a lot, but keep in mind that every game is different, and with Radiant being fairly complex in comparison to the average visual novel and having larger than normal updates, this is normal.


people will always find something to complain about.. i am enjoying both of your products and look forward to any future endeavors.  that said, keep up the great work. your novels have been worth the wait.


Last update on his patreon is from 2021 so I'm afraid it is abandoned.

i would have to agree. so sad a better than average game. hopefully it's not because something bad happened to the author.  but if he/she is not gonna finish they should at least shut down their patreon.

just 4 days ago dev said its coming in a few days

They're working on the game that makes money, Radiant, and wish to continue Polarity once Radiant is done. Make's sense, as I doubt many people have payed for Polarity.

is this a VR game?

Deleted post




chapter 4 coming in a few days

Chapter 4 has been out for years, so I assume you mean chapter 5; but we will see if he comes through.

It's on stand-still. Working on another game Radiant, but the dev hopes to return to this one.

So far I really like this game, I only have 1 problem with it though, WHY DID YOU CHOOSE YELLOW FOR THE CAR COLOR?! That's my only real complaint, the rest of the game is solid, and I've only noticed a couple of grammar mistakes, which is good since those can be rather immersion-breaking, but you've done a great job thus far.


It's only been two years... 


Please tag the downloads with platforms so that the itch.io app can download the game.


I just would like to know if the MC survives for the upcoming chapter, is there even going be a chapter 5, or is this the end of it.


possible that its abandoned, someone posted below that ch5 is near completion which was posted by the author in may 2021

its really unfortunate cuz i really love this game and its style

He replied down below. He said that chapter 4 of Radiant will be done soon. He also said that chapter 5 of Polarity is the biggest chapter update so it's going to take a little longer.


true, i just wish that they would post updates from time to time as to let them know when it'll be out, or an estimated date at least

Issue with an estimated release, as evidenced by the few year gaps, is if they don't have time to work on it, they can't, and they don't want to give fans false hope.


People get mad at a free porn games, like it's free, shut the fuck up and masturbate, the dev can do whatever he wants with the games


Go tell that to the dumbs who paid into the Patreon and got nothing for 2 years.

Another game of his Radiant

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