Launch: Polarity - Chapter 4

Polarity Chapter 4 has finally arrived!

The newest chapter of Polarity just dropped... containing:

• Over 1,100 images & renders
• 24 lewd animations
• New songs added to the soundtrack
• New characters
• Over 4,500 code blocks
• Over a full hour of new core gameplay
• And much, much more

Thanks for your patience! Consider supporting me over on Patreon to aid in this game's development and for the latest news, updates, exclusive images, game music, devlogs, and more.

Files 1 GB
Jun 29, 2020 1 GB
Jun 29, 2020
Polarity-v0.4p-the66.apk 700 MB
Jun 29, 2020

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(2 edits) (+1)

what i really wanna know here is, 
is the floor made of floor?
or is the floor made of table?
maybe the table is made of vase? and the vase is made of floor? that would mean the floor is made of table.. but the floor could still be made of vase and the table might be made of floor.. maybe its ALL made of floor? i hope its not made of vase, that would be a bit gay.
i have so many questions, oh i wish this game wasn't so abandoned..


The answer to your question is that I'm a terrible artist 😅

Oh and this isn't officially abandoned, but it's on hold until further notice. Just so people don't hold their breath or feel like I'm leading them along: it will be a while. I apologize for leaving you guys with such a big cliffhanger.

(2 edits) (+1)

hey, no crits :) "floor is made of floor" is a bit of a running joke in one of the other games i play. 
its sad its taken so long, but it really is a good beginning, a very engaging story with just the right amount of perversion, which is why i care so much .. i need moar! ;) and yeah, that cliffhanger was a doozy. 
this is where i make up some story about being a poor innocent child with cancer whose one wish for his short miserable life is to just see how it develops, and how the hell we're gonna get naomi on board for a harem

(1 edit)

Have you already played my other game, Radiant? It's still ongoing and would likely tide ya over until I can work on Polarity again, haha

I appreciate the feedback by the way, and I really am sorry about keeping you guys waiting for so long with this.

(1 edit) (+1)

quite honestly haven't played it, deliberately, in protest of the perceived abandonment. i don't doubt your storytelling ability. 
but seeing as you at have least acknowledged the situation, i'll have another look 

I think you'll like it. It's significantly more popular than Polarity (for good reasons, I learned a lot from my work on the former), and there's a good several hours of content/story already.

As always, feel free to drop me some feedback when/if you get the chance to check it out!

I downloaded the app file but there was some kind of error I can't open the file at all

The files needs to be tagged with the appropiate platform (pc, mac android) for the itch desktop app to be able to do the update