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Radiant is about you! A guy who shares an amazing night with the girl of his dreams: arguably the most attractive girl in town. But after being chased out by her unhinged father and attempting to drive home just a little too tipsy... things take a tragic turn... leaving you in a coma for over a decade and wiping the memory of most of your childhood. After several years of rehabilitation life eventually returns to normal... but lewd dreams of a girl you have no memory of haunt you... that is until one day when three spitting images of this "dream girl" show up at your doorstep. And wait... they're...(?!)

A game by Sir Dammed & Alorth: Radiant is a choice-driven, story focused NSFW adult game in the drama, slice of life, and comedy genres.

Available for PC, Mac, Linux, and Android


• Fully animated 3DCG sexual content
• A full soundtrack & sound effects
• Various optional relationship paths
• Multiple playable paths & in-game choices
• Lossless compression for smaller downloads
• All-in-one download of all available chapters


• Harem - you can have multiple sexual relationships
• Twins - or to be more specific... triplets
• MILF - cougar, mature, mom I'd like to fuck
• Corruption - break them of their innocence
• Rough Sex - some of the girls like it rough
• PoV - you'll see everything through your own eyes
• Pregnancy - knock them all up then have some fun after
• Misc - vaginal, anal, licking, fingering, feet, family, etc

Future chapters will be posted to Patreon in early-access... so if you wish to get the newest chapter the moment it's released please consider supporting the game for just $5/mo! You'll also get exclusive rewards, closed alpha and beta game-builds, access to the Official Discord, and much more.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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I like it better than a number of VNs I played on Steam which cost twice as much. (I really like this game better than My New Memories etc.)

However, the story is still far from being complete. I sincerely hope the dev finishes it since if he does, it could easily join Depraved Awakening as one of my all time favorite VNs.

Hi! I recently bought your game and I really like the sad cowboy guitar at the point you are prompted to save. Assuming that it was purchased somewhere (that's how indie games are usually developed) could you tell me where it is from?

Chris Haugen - Western Spaghetti


There a way to change what they call you? Like being called caretaker. And the girls being called wards?

The patch is about the only way that I'm aware of.

where does one acquired this so called "patch"

Pretty sure I got mine from LewdPatcher.com

Does anyone know what the points actually do? I understand that choices have an impact, and there is one place which checks if you have at least 3 dark points. But beyond that, I can't see where anything checks your total lust, pure or dark points.

is it possible to fuck the brunet

There's a few, need to specify. Use names.

how exacly ?

What I meant was, which brunette are you talking about (cuz there's a few of them)? Triplet Maddy, office girl Brooke, waitress Vanessa? In any case, the only one you have actual sex with thus far is Vanessa. There's still situations with the others depending on your choices.

(1 edit)

Maddison is the one  how do i get her story the best

(1 edit)

Depends on your definition of "best". I've done all her routes, but the full dark route with her is...extreme? I also am not a fan of subjecting people to unnecessary BS. IMHO, go either Lust or Purity route...with everyone. Or just pick whatever the hell you want. I have multiple playthroughs with full Purity, Lust, and Darkness; as well as a "mixed".

Zoey Raven does walkthroughs for many games on their Patreon, and has one for Radiant, though only to end of chapter 3. Check the master list. And it's free.

Hey i bought the game and the only thing i can download is the demo.

i figured it out, you need to open the confirmation email and download it from that link


welp heres my question? when if ever are you going to continue work on your other game polarity? i honestly prefer polarity over this game.


Sorry to hear that you aren't as interested in Radiant. To answer the "if ever" part of your question: yeah, I absolutely plan to continue and finish Polarity.

The question of "when" is a bit more tricky. I'm currently seeking an artist for it because the artwork for the game is the single biggest struggle for me as a developer (I have zero natural talent for artwork, and not the best eye either).

Once things have gotten back on track with Radiant, I will be far more proactive and aggressive in seeking out these services... and when I've done so I'll be making a huge update here on Itch and on the game's Patreon with information about my plans going forward. Until then, I can only ask that you bear with me.

I know this priority may seem unfair since Polarity was started before Radiant... but Radiant is not a free game, unlike Polarity, and I'm also working with an artist... meaning I have to be more strict with its development.

I hope you can understand, and regardless, I appreciate you and your support of my projects.


I don't mind. if there's a public version of radiant I will give it a go. as embarrassing as it is I realized that I mistook polarity for another game I played years past. but i have fallen even more for your work then before. if i had extra money i would sub to you, but i don't so i'll at least give both games a fair shot. i'll reply again after ive tried radiant. 

ps. i have a unfornate habbit of juding books by their covers, games too. also im a speed typer and not the best at explaining thing. so sorry for any typos, and if i left any bad impressions, was not my intention.


by bad impressions, i mean if i came across as rude, standoffish, demanding, etc.

No worries at all, ty for the feedback!!

(2 edits) (+2)

Gotta say it's a great game. The few actual vid scenese were high quality.

I do however have one complaint. I wanted to do a purity playthrough with the girls and coworkers, but pursue a relationship with Jade. Upon my final save at the end of chapter 4, my relationship status with Olivia was "Darkness". I feel that more options should have been made available to pursue purity with her. Because lets be honest, there were NONE. Nada. Zip. Zilch. It's like the game wants you to pursue a romantic/sexual/abusive relationship and I felt railroaded.

I mean sure, you can stop her from making moves on you, but that's the limit really. At the end you just tell her you don't see her that way. But she shouldn't have been strung along like that in the first place.

For example, during the first big decision, you've got the option of telling her you feel romantically attracted to her, sexually attracted to her, or the "take advantage" option. No option to tell her that you have feelings for her, but only platonically. I've got a feeling that these kids are eventually going to be revealed as being the MC's daughters, and robbing the player of a full purity playthrough free of incest seems like a huge oversight. Especially if your only option with Olivia is to string her along, let her down and punish you with Darkness status on your relationship by the end of Ch. 4.

Hoping Sir Damned reads this and creates a patch in the next chapter.

(7 edits) (+1)

Hey! Thanks for the feedback. I believe the issue here comes with your interpretation of "Purity," or what a "Pure" playthrough means vs. the way I'm using "Pure" "Lust" and "Dark" narratively. 

In the context of the relationships you can form with each character... Purity means slightly different things. Sometimes it means no romance, but that's not always the case either.

With Olivia, currently the only way to get on/stay on her "Purity" path is through romance. While this might seem odd on the surface, keep in mind that I treat every character as if they are their own person, with their own feelings, and they will therefore have different reactions to the type of (or lack of) relationship you desire with them. In Olivia's case, which path you're on is determined heavily by the way your actions make her feel... and she's not happy if you reject her, regardless of your previous interactions.

While rejecting Olivia leads to her Dark Path, and there's currently no way of getting around that -- even "dark" players are never forced to do anything they don't want to and you can also steer things away from that path in the future. Players will be given the opportunity to "fix things" and the MC can correct his mistakes with her... namely, the way he sort of (intentionally, or) unintentionally leads her on prior to the rejection.

Now as for giving players the option to express only platonic feelings for her initially... something you should consider is that while I do try and give players a lot of control, it's impossible for the main character to not have some autonomy/his own feelings and behaviors. Olivia is written to be a lot like Gracie, and therefore when the MC first meets her, he indeed feels romantic feelings for her, and there's no way around that either. Sorry if that's not ideal for the type of playthrough you were going for! I definitely get where you're coming from and understand that the MC sort of... messes up by admitting things he feels initially.

If you want my advice... it's not to treat romance with the characters as a "negative," even if you suspect they might be leaning more towards the taboo. My recommendation would be to romance Olivia fully, and reject her as little as possible if you desire the happiest/best possible outcome with her.

I will say that while I highly enjoyed chapter 4, it was kind of a let down with the 12-16 month wait. Next question, are they dropping Polarity or putting out chapter 5 of it?

(3 edits) (+4)

Yeah, a year wait is not the norm buddy. We are going to release a new chapter every 4-5 months, and future ones aren't that much smaller than CH4.

You don't have to take my word for it, just wait and see! That said, I do apologize for the wait for Ch4. It's not something either myself nor Alorth are proud of, but we plan to make it up to all of you.

I'll be making a big news announcement about Polarity as soon as I'm able. I'm currently seeking a full-time artist for it, and what is included in said news will be dependent on that.


Well buddy wait is acceptable even if not for biggest update in avn history, i m sure you must be facing some issue irl but good thing is don't abandoned even at some point you will like u don't want to work anymore, don't leave on cliffhanger give a meaningful ending that's all I wish, leave for sometime or take break if needed just don't abandoned the avn, my two fav avns got that and hit me hard since they were unique and too good but no reasons wer given from dev and they just left.

So, any reviews in yet for the new content other than Dabomberhawk's? Curious if it was worth the wait.


Might sound biased since it's coming from the dev, but the feedback we've received so far has been overwhelmingly positive, with the majority of players agreeing that it was the best chapter so far.

It's quite the rollercoaster and there's nearly 4,000 more lines of code/dialogue than the largest previous chapter, the most renders and animations of any chapter, etc.

That said, feel free to play it and see for yourself/let us know what you think! Would love to hear your thoughts.



Never have I ever been more sadden or disappointed at playing a new update of vn that this one here should rahe quit but I didn't made sad mc was the one who die bc after this update he didn't deserve to have second chance 

When I downloaded it, it says Beta 2. What does that mean?

(1 edit)

It looks like a new version of the demo was published along with the new chapter update.  If you're using the Itch.io client, you probably chose the wrong update to install.  

You should uninstall and re-download the full 'Chapters 1-4' version.

I downloaded the game attached to "Radiant: Chapters 1 - 4 (PC & Linux)"

(2 edits) (+1)

Beta2 is just the public/open beta of the newest chapter, since we're still making some minor improvements and tweaks to v0.4... which will be shared here instead the moment it's done.

That said, it's more or less the completed/perfected version, free of bugs, and save-file friendly.


cool... so will there be new polarity too? 

(1 edit)

10:37 PM my time, and download is still v 3.1. Seem to be cutting it close to being late.

It's tomorrow where I am, so it's late to me

This serves as another reminder that, when you have a world wide audience, you should publish the release date and time in UTC.

Or, at the very least, you should add an extra day and leave people who are in the earlier times zones happily surprised.

I'm (UTC -06:00) and it dropped at almost 2 AM the following day. Not a huge difference, but would've been nice to download before bed and maybe get an hour played.


Hi if I buy this, do I have to buy it again, every time it updates?

(1 edit)

Pay once, redownload for updates


(1 edit)

I assume you mean September 7th

Ty, fixed.

Its still messed up in the actual announcement

(1 edit)

It should be displaying properly now! Appreciate the heads up... sleep deprivation hitting me hard x_x'


”Also... Chapter 4 is releasing this month (August).”


on Patreon first - and allegedly to itch 7 days later.
But as far it looks they missed to keep their promis of the Aug release? Latest post still was from July.

It's indeed live on Patreon (in beta), and the full/completed build will be here Sep. 7th.

Its my first time seeing this game ive read some stuff about it but what does the taboo patch mean? Does it remove incest or add it


Is chapter 4 on Patreon? And will it be here on itch as well? Thanks.


Keep in mind these guys get paid over 5k a month to make games and the most they regularly do is make wallpapers for his Patreon. This game hasn't been updated in a year, and their other game Polarity hasn't been updated in 2 years. I mean I know it's not an easy job to do, but you'd think just copy-pasting a dev log onto the pages at the very least could be done.

(1 edit) (+3)(-3)

Dev here. Thanks for being constructive in your comment/criticism. I fully understand where you're coming from with this, and said understanding is partly why I recently made a huge devlog over on our Patreon discussing the long wait for the chapter, steps we took to ensure that won't be the case for Radiant Ch5 and onward, etc.

Also... Chapter 4 is releasing this month (August).

There is something I wanted to address about what you said: Patreon is a subscription platform where many people pledge month to month, optionally paying far more than the average person and not getting that much in the way of "exclusive benefits" in return for doing so... which is why I am somewhat strict about sharing things there exclusively. It's not that I don't want others to have access to the things we share, so much as it is that I want to give back to our patrons.

With the above in mind, things like monthly wallpapers shouldn't be a surprise. As for long, detailed devlogs like the one I recently wrote, I do feel this is a big part of what makes it worth the average patron's while... but that doesn't mean I shouldn't do a better job communicating the fundamentals here on platforms like Itch, and I will try to be more mindful of that going forward.

P.S. There was a LOT of false statements and misinformation in the comments below. People suggesting we gave release dates that we did not, claiming we said things that we did not, etc. Try not to let said comments inform your views of us and the game: it will accomplish nothing but getting you riled up, which is good for no one. If you're ever curious about something, I can be reached on our official Discord and my DM's are always open/I reply to everyone.

P.S.S. While Ch4 has indeed taken a little over a year, the average chapter for this game will be approximately 4-5 months. This may still seem like a lot, but keep in mind that every game is different, and with Radiant being fairly complex in comparison to the average visual novel and having larger than normal updates, this is normal.


Is Polarity still happening or just concentrating on Radiant?

Last I knew, Polarity Ch 5 will be out after Radiant Ch 4. Other than that, can't say.


I want to start by saying I am a fan of your work, and look forward to the next chapter. With that said, might I make a recommendation? Could you give the Itch users like a monthly, or Quartey update on the progress of the game?  I do understand the need to keep your Patreons first and foremost,  However, there is no easily accessible location for information on the work you do. It is appreciated that you are involved with your community on Patreon and Discord, But for other busy people who only have a few minuets to check for an update, your page here looks abandoned. Please consider releasing  progress updates, even if they are a month behind Patreon, it will keep free players or Itch purchasers on board, eagerly anticipating the next chapter.

Again, I love your novels and keep up the good work. Thanks

Oh yeah, fully agree with you! The plan is to be a bit more mindful of communication here and on SubscribeStar as well, and you can expect bi-monthly devlogs or brief updates of some kind.

Additionally, we recently posted a Completion Status Monitor for new chapters of the game over on Patreon (the post is public -- you don't have to be subbed to see it): https://www.patreon.com/posts/completion-5-71523497


Sir Damned, please release the current chapter on it's Patreon release date for those of us who've purchased the full game here on Itch.io

Show post...

can a patron tell us the progress on ch. 4? in the beginning of july the dev posted a progress report on ch. 4 and 5. don't give up hope yet

Show post...

the dev also posted another update 3 days ago. we need a patron to help us out here and tell us what's going on

(1 edit) (+3)

The dev posted on 6/24 at F95zone that the game is not dead, and a release date will be announced "in a few days".  A Patreon update from 6/13 was also mentioned.  If any patrons are on here, perhaps one of them can post the text of that update here.


He's really good at taking money, that much is for sure. Two games that haven't had updates in over a year? What valiant work

(4 edits) (-2)

In my first year as a developer, I released three chapters of Polarity and the first chapter of Radiant, which equaled about ~8 hours of gameplay/story content. Yet in doing so I was burning the candle at both ends and spiraling quickly towards burnout. 

I know it's frustrating to wait... and as I've said before: I agree that this chapter taking a year is unacceptable/too long. But maybe try giving us the benefit of the doubt and considering that this wasn't the case for no reason instead of assuming the worst. We're doing our best, and trying to improve each day.

As much as I wish it were the case... shitting on us won't make the updates come faster.


After one year since the last update, Devs should at least present some info about the new update progress.


Not wrong.

(3 edits)

We've discussed the progress of this chapter numerous times, both on our Discord (which is public) and Patreon


No offense, but I've been defending the game, not shitting on you guys. Also, my comment was from 2+ months ago. Still eagerly awaiting chapter 4.

(1 edit)

That comment was in response to Smash. Sorry for the confusion. Also, hope you enjoy Ch4!


For everyone wondering, the game isn't dead, just taking forever to be released. Next chapter should be out within a month...should. This is found through the Discord (difficult to find, but possible), and Patreon.


I really liked this story so far and it seems so do others. It's been almost a year since the last chapter. I understand that making these take a lot of time, but no one knows what's going on and wondering if Radiant is an abandon project or not. If it is, please let us know so we can move on, and if it isn't, it would be nice to just drop a hint here or there on what's going on. I really hope that it isn't abandon, but I'm starting to fear the worse.

(2 edits)

Consider joining our Discord. We are very active there, and the game is definitely not abandoned. Ch4 is releasing this month on Patreon, and one week later here on Itch.


I'd really hate to see one of the best NSFW games on Itch to be abandoned.


Thanks for the high praise, and dw it's never going to be abandoned.


this has a really good story line  i admit i did tear up in the beginning 

I'm glad you enjoyed it!! Ch4 will be releasing this month on Patreon, and then here 7 days later.


i love the story so much   aint gonna lie it made me tear up in the beginning

I'm glad you're enjoying the game, and hope you enjoy Ch4 just as much!

when will that come out ?

This month it's being released to Patreon, and then 7 days later it'll be posted here.


9 month and no chapter 4? Hope devs OK.

Yeah everything is okay, ty for checking in. If you want to be able to reach us, get the occasional news about our progress, and hear from us regularly... our official Discord is the best place for that.

(6 edits) (-2)

The visauls look amazing from the pics here, Not a critisim just an observation; this guy really like freckles huh? lol- So for all the trash talk I seem to see about past game being abandoned and the long wait for updates I'm pretty sure I'm gonna buy it.

Ps: thank you for having pubic hair from what I can see in these pics, a lot of these VN h games dont and I like some, doesn't have to be on all the girls but some is nice.


Any E.T.A. on chapter 4

Release coming this month (August).

i like this game alot but there is one problem or its just for me its like i was getting the same spot twice idc why but i still like this game.

(1 edit)

Glad you liked the game. If you're referring to seeing the same dialogue repeated:

Android players can "rollback" to previous dialogue by simply tapping the left side of their screen. A common mistake Android players make is forgetting about this (mentioned in the tutorial)... so they'll sometimes tap the left-most part of their screens by accident, thus rolling back and seeing the same dialogue twice. Just ensure you're tapping in the center, or on the right-hand side of the screen and you should be good.


This game will blueball you with said three main girl characters. For many updates....


Actually no it won't. This game will be anything but a slow burn... even with the main trio... and we've already had full blown sexual intercourse with two different girls and reached third and second-base with others.


any news on a release for chapter 5 of your previous game ? people on that games page seem to be spreading misinformation claiming your a scammer and its a dead game. kind regards.


Thanks for the heads up. It's understandable why they would be worried given the amount of time that's passed. Chapter 5 of Polarity is the end of Part 1 (of 2) of the story, so it's bigger than all 4 previous chapters combined. This is why it's taking a long time. Radiant Chapter 4 will actually be out first, which shouldn't be too much longer.


thank you for the reply I figured I would make you aware of this as it seems unfair to claim you are a scammer when you have done nothing but provide and excellent game to most of these detractors for free. have a wonderful day!


I just recently discovered your work and I was really excited until I couldn't find any recent posts. If your work is not abandoned I would like to support it. Please give me some indication that it is ongoing.


There is a Patreon account, with multiple posts, including news on Chapter 4. Alas, the minimum cost is $5 a month. The releases are taking 7-8 months, so that would put Chapter 4 out this month or next (February 2022)


thanks. I didn't find that linked anywhere.

(2 edits) (-1)

so, $35 to $40 a chapter, 5 chapters per season, two seasons per game (based on devs statement above)..so thats basically a $350-$400 game. for what is basically an animated comic book ..
this is why i only pay once a game is completed.

(6 edits) (+1)

This isn't how it works at all, and that number you came up with is outrageous, lol. 

Simply scroll up and you'll see that you can get the first three chapters for $5 total right here on Itch. That's not even $1.67 per chapter.

As for Patreon: the people who support us there monthly are doing so voluntarily... as in it's moreso a pledge to us as developers (with some added benefits thrown in) than a 1:1 payment for the game. I regularly encourage them to only pledge the amount they'd like to give or they feel we deserve, and not a penny more.

Speaking of Patreon, for 5 whole dollars you can grab the game download then cancel your pledge. Doing so would also get you 30 days of access to all available chapters of the game, over fifty 4K wallpapers, dozens of polls, devlogs, commissioned art, exclusive videos, etc.

So yeah... not even close to $35-40, and certainly not hundreds of dollars. I understand why you came up with that figure, but that's not how it works at all. You're not signing a contract by pledging to Patreon: you can come and go at any time and access everything that has ever been posted.

"that number you came up with is outrageous"
ikr, i was completely outraged. and then oops, you got covid and took a month off, now its a $500 game 

(7 edits)

You realize I've never had COVID in my life, right? You could scour my entire timeline on Discord, Patreon, etc. and you'll never see one mention of it, because I didn't say it.

With all due respect because I'm assuming(?) you're a fan of the game... stop getting yourself riled up by gobbling up false information and rumors. It doesn't help you, it doesn't make you or anyone else feel better, it gets in the way of your ability to enjoy what we're creating (new chapter out this month), and you're misleading people on top of it all.

I haven't taken a month off of work since age 16, and that includes since starting game development. We work on the games every day and love doing it. There was one exception when Radiant's artist had to take a family trip to Portugal, and he had some health and general life concerns that he needed to address about a half a year earlier... but I personally continued to work during these times.

Anyways, I wish you all the best and apologize if we've upset or annoyed you in some way. That's not something we'd ever intentionally do.


You can be critical of time-frames or content, sure, but just not understanding the concept of a Patreon is pretty stupid. You're funding the production of a product. You are aware of this fact when you subscribe to a Patreon. If you're dissatisfied with the product's production, then you no longer support them. It is an *incredibly* simple concept to understand.


dude, shut up, the time it takes the dev to read your reply adds at least another $1 to the game 


Not my money, and not yours either, so I have no clue why you're complaining. I've already made my disapproval of the way the development was handled in terms of maintain open communication with the public (which should be considered for a production of any size), but just literally having a Patreon isn't an issue for anyone who actually understands what a Patreon is.


Very much enjoyed this VN, and looking forward to the next chapter!   I found the story engaging and the characters believable and appreciated all the points where we could make meaningful decisions along the way.  The top-notch renders and character designs are icing on the cake.  Highly recommended!

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