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Radiant is about you! A guy who shares an amazing night with the girl of his dreams: arguably the most attractive girl in town. But after being chased out by her unhinged father and attempting to drive home just a little too tipsy... things take a tragic turn... leaving you in a coma for over a decade and wiping the memory of most of your childhood. After several years of rehabilitation life eventually returns to normal... but lewd dreams of a girl you have no memory of haunt you... that is until one day when three spitting images of this "dream girl" show up at your doorstep. And wait... they're...(?!)

A game by Sir Dammed & Alorth: Radiant is a choice-driven, story focused NSFW adult game in the drama, slice of life, and comedy genres.

Available for PC, Mac, Linux, and Android


• Fully animated 3DCG sexual content
• A full soundtrack & sound effects
• Various optional relationship paths
• Multiple playable paths & in-game choices
• Lossless compression for smaller downloads
• All-in-one download of all available chapters


• Harem - you can have multiple sexual relationships
• Twins - or to be more specific... triplets
• MILF - cougar, mature, mom I'd like to fuck
• Corruption - break them of their innocence
• Rough Sex - some of the girls like it rough
• PoV - you'll see everything through your own eyes
• Pregnancy - knock them all up then have some fun after
• Misc - vaginal, anal, licking, fingering, feet, family, etc

Future chapters will be posted to SubscribeStarPatreon in early-access... so if you wish to get the newest chapter the moment it's released please consider supporting the game for just $5/mo! You'll also get exclusive rewards, closed alpha and beta game-builds, access to the Official Discord, and much more.

IMPORTANT NOTE¹: this game is in early-access... however we don't believe in making players "pay twice." As new chapters of the game release, the price will increase, but this will only affect new buyers. Once you've purchased the game, you get it forever here on Itch. Enjoy! [Planned Chapters: 23]

IMPORTANT NOTE (FOR ANDROID PLAYERS)²: you must now merge the assets.rpa file into the APK's 'game' folder manually to get the game to work. Be sure to carefully follow the "Download & Install Instructions"


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $10 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Radiant: Chapters 1-6 (PC) 2 GB
Radiant: Chapters 1-6 (Mac) 2 GB
Radiant: Chapters 1-6 (Android)

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Radiant - CH1 (PC Demo) 626 MB
Radiant - CH1 (Mac Demo) 609 MB
Radiant - CH1 (Android Demo) 293 MB

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Bought the game not paying attention that it does not work on ChromeOS. Any advice on how I can manage to still play it? I tried downloading Linux but ended up with no luck. 

if its a chromebook if you can find a virtualization software like parallels you can spoof windows. thats all i can think of. 

Why does the game show 0-5 and end at chapter 4. I also have 0-6 and this is chapter 6. What happened to chapter 5? This is on a PC.  Also, just to let you know this is a great game. Thank you, Martz

When dowloading the andriod version it shows two files, both rpa files but one of them has "assets" in the name, the other doesn't. Do I need both files?


Turning into the best game on itch in my opinion. Last update was a great one.


I recently bought this game after finishing the demo. I just finished my second play through, What a cliff-hanger!! I'm very excited to see where my differnet paths lead. Excellent writing and the girls are beautiful! Keep up the great work. I can't wait for the next update! 

Any idea how many chapters it will be on completion?  


The game has around 20 planned chapters. Glad you're enjoying it!

Could You please explain what means to have pure vs lust relationships with girls? If i select pure relationship for example with Maddison will it deny intimate relationship (aka sexual stuff)? What about other girls including those outside family?

(1 edit) (+1)

Hello! I recently re-explained the Psyche System in a FAQ I posted for our subscribers. I'll share that section of the post here so you can better understand what these things mean:


#5: Lust, Purity, and Darkness (choices)

Another common concern:

"So I chose so-and-so, and I guess the game gave me some Dark points. Is that bad?"

So I want to explain how the choices in this game work very clearly: there is no "correct" way to play, there are no game overs, and none of the outcomes are designed to punish players. Instead, the variety offered by the choices you make in this game are narrative-focused. Forcing yourself to be adherent to one single path, while optional... is not actually optimal. Instead, the "best" way to play Radiant is to simply make the choices that you want to make.

This is why I've put such a large emphasis on not needing a walkthrough mod or some sort of guide to play Radiant. This is also why the status screen is reserved for the end of each chapter. It's more of a summary screen that says, "Hey look! This is the impact of the choices you made! Cool, right?" – I wanted the game to be an immersive experience and I wanted players to avoid manipulating their stats/trying to closely adhere to a single path.

All of that said, here's some important clarifications...

• Without restricting yourself from pursuing multiple girls and playing like a nun, it's pretty impossible to not accumulate some "dark" and/or "lust" points.

• Do not worry: the game will never punish you for having said "dark" points.

• Pure is very similar to Lust... however a "Pure" MC is more selfless and respectful of others, while a "Lust" MC is more selfish and degenerate, generally prioritizing his own desires over that of others. That being said, the Lust MC is still generally a pretty good guy. Dark MC... not so much. He's selfish, controlling, dominant, quick to anger, etc. Of course, this isn't a lecture on morality or anything: it's a game after all... and the path is designed to be enjoyed by sadists or people who enjoy dominance/corruption.

• The game checks to see which stats players have the most points in: prioritizing the highest two out of three. For example, a player with 40 Pure, 25 Lust, and 10 Dark will not suddenly find themselves going down the path of the "Dark MC." Rather, the game will acknowledge that you're a Pure/Lust focused player who generally avoids Dark.

• Only in very rare, specific circumstances will players be "locked out" of certain choices. For example, there's certain "Dark Path" choices that a Pure/Lust centric MC will not even know exist... as presenting them with this choice wouldn't make much sense. For the most "diversified" experience where you see everything... consider having a mixed Pure + Lust save-file... and a Dark save-file.

• Expanding on the above, wherever it's possible/makes sense... the game will always give players the option to choose what happens... rather than making the choice for you. As I said, sometimes giving players a choice just outright doesn't make sense... but this is fairly rare/doesn't happen too often. This allows players to dynamically control the flow of their playthrough in a way that few games offer.


I purchased Radiant a week ago.  Now that Radiant epidosde 6 is out, do I need to purchase again?  


No sir, check your collections page. You should have the option to download the latest update from there.


Thank you!  Awesome! 


at the top left of the page it should say (you own this game) and theres a download box next to that you can click to get latest version as well. 


I love the game, but the slow progress is really troublesome. The last chapter was released Dec 7th '23 and the latest release came out yesterday. The length and content of chapter 6 after a 90 day plus wait is too little and too short...

(6 edits) (+3)

Chapter 6 came out on the 23rd – exactly 4 months after Chapter 5. Our monthly subscribers get it 7 days early as per our early-access model.

Chapter 6 is the second largest chapter of the game, so it's the furthest thing from short. Keep in mind this is a "harem" game, so if you're rejecting girls or glossing over their big scenes, updates will seem shorter.

As a developer of this game I can say that getting the chapter done in 4 months was no easy feat, considering the level of polish and production quality the game has. Sure, we could throw out a scuffed/half-assed version in 3 months. Sure, there's some developers who have entire teams behind them who get it done faster. But for Radiant, we're a 2-man team and we need our players to understand that these things do take time to create – we can't just wave a magic wand and have it done.

Also, if you compare the playtime-length of our game updates vs. the amount of months Ch6 took, I think you'll find that we're right in-line, schedule wise, with the overwhelming majority of games and their own update speeds... some of which are far less polished or have far less emphasis on production quality.

Thanks for reading.




I want to expand on the above a bit more for the sake of clarity, for those who care to read further.

What I can say as the person who writes the story, does the coding and overall game design etc... is that the scripts alone take literal months to finish. I can produce about 3 out of 20 (average chapter scene#) scenes on a really good week, but some scenes are much larger than others and take about 1 full week alone when considering choices/branching. So if we say an average of a half-week per scene (which is a generous estimate), that means I need around 10 weeks just to revise and finish writing the game's scripts (or a total of 2.5 months)... and that's a fairly low approximation, since like I said they can take even longer.

When you add the wait for renders and animations, the time it takes to code, test, and properly polish the updates, the regular communication I have to keep with our supporters over on SS and Patreon, and other extenuating circumstances... 4 months is not unreasonable at all.


I stand corrected. Thank you for explaining the process. As positive note, when you, as the developer, make such a great game, its like the perfect chocolate chip cookie, we just want to keep eating more! So my impatience is due to the fact that I can't get enough. My apologies.

(3 edits) (+3)

No need to apologize, and hopefully my response to you didn't come off as hostile or impatient. I actually really appreciate the feedback.

I play the games myself as well, so I know how much it sucks to have to wait for them. Some of my favorite games release rather short (25-40 minute) updates every 3 months or so, and it always feels bad when reaching the end. On the other side, some of them release really long updates... but only about once every year. This also sucks. We are trying to settle somewhere right in the middle of that for Radiant.

I'm glad you like the game and hope you continue to enjoy it, we're going to do our absolute best to stick to that 4 month update schedule. Just a heads up though, Ch7's release date is August 20th, since my co-dev needs to go visit family out of country for 3 weeks in June (we added 2 weeks to our deadline to be safe).


Keep doing what you're doing!

(1 edit) (+1)

Thank you sir! I bought this game way back in 2022, And I fully expected to have to pay another $10, But I went to my purchase page, and saw I can get chapter 6! Many devs nickel and dime you with their games, it nice to know there are honest devs like you!

The only negative thing in the game so far, is Rachael wanting a baby, the player's choice is to get her pregnant for the sexy scene, and then have so many legal problems with her husband, or do the realistic thing, but then not have the sexy scene. I would like my character to have said, "what if Glenn gets a DNA test?"!

As much fun as Radiant is, Polarity is more engaging and more fun, so after nearly 4 years of nothing I'm finally walking away Again Radiant is fun a solid 8.5/10, but just not what I originally followed for.

So, when I purchase the game, I am only paying for an update?

No, when you purchase the game you have access to it and future versions. The only thing is that you can't download future versions of the game from the games page, you have to download it from your library under your purchased games (should be at the top of the page). It's just how Itch handles non-free games.


Thanks, kinda what I thought. I did end up getting the update, but not sure how. I requested download link and clicked on the vn, it brought up an upadted version. Big thanks!! for explaining how it works, I think I might have to go back and look at some others I have on itch with my new info.

I am all confused about this true edition patch. From the few webpages I could find for downloading it, there are conflicting information about whats what, For example: 

For True Edition ONLY (no incest): Extract 'game' folder to Radiant. Navigate to 'game' folder. Delete patch.rpy and patch.rpyc.
For Taboo Edition ONLY (no hardcore content): Open the RAR, double click 'game' folder. Drag patch.rpy and place in Radiant's 'game' folder.

So there is a true edition patch and a taboo edition patch? The true edition patch enables the "fully-uncensored version" of Radiant but has no incest - which makes no sense since the premise of the whole game is just that. And the taboo edition has no hardcore content - which makes it a useless patch?

Please help me figure all this out so I know what to download and patch.

Thank you.

Deleted 65 days ago

Thank you for clarifying. Ok a few more follow up questions if I may: the version we bought here, up to chapter 5 so far, seems like its heading in the direction of MC going to have incest relationships with his daughters. Am I to understand, with out the taboo patch, there is actually none of that in the game? Which to me make no sense as the whole game is  build upon that, no? Secondly, if the true edition patch removes the incest content, then the un-patch version here must have the incest content. So what exactly the taboo edition is adding?

Bro don't think much only apply the true edition patch and enjoy the game... Don't apply taboo edition that's all 👍👍.. I fumbled earlier with my explanation.. 


Did it and yes, worked like a charm. Thank you for all the tips and info.

(2 edits)

Actually the above is a bit incorrect.

The True Edition = fully uncensored game including incest. However, it's possible to remove the incest from the patch by following the optional instructions... so perhaps this is where the confusion came in. ← It includes both, but gives the option of filtering incest for those who simply dislike incest.

The Taboo Edition = partially uncensored game which is mainly incest and some other, less "controversial" stuff (like the addition of dark content).

If you want the game fully uncensored... simply download the True Edition patch and follow the installation instructions. Do not try to install both.


Yeah I think I fumbled with my explanation, you're right.. It's been a while I played the game..

Thank you both for taking the time to clarify it all, its crystal clear now and I have installed the true patch and enjoying the full content. As you may know the chapter 6 just got released, Do you think the patches will work with the new chapter or I have to wait for an updated patch?

Where is the True edition patch? I have played all 5 chapters, and I can't get the incest part to work correctly.


Bruh you actin like you using internet for first time..simply search Radiant True Edition patch you will easily find it 

(2 edits)

It's on lewdpatcher. You need only download the patch called "True Edition." It comes with a folder called "game." Simply merge this "game" folder with the folder that already exists in your Radiant directory (also called 'game') and it will work fine.

If you installed it correctly and didn't delete or change anything from the patch folder, you'll see "True Edition" on the homescreen.

The patch comes with "optional" instructions to remove incest for people who dislike it... but if you want incest you can ignore this and just follow the regular installation instructions.

I did exactly as you had instructed and didn't change. anything from the patch file, and when I logged into the game, there was no "True Edition" on the home screen.

(1 edit)

Are you by any chance an Android player? If so, you need the pre-patched version of the game, as it's not possible to manually patch Android.

Otherwise, the only thing I can really say is that you're not putting the game folder in the correct place.

It's also possible that you're not using WinRAR or 7zip to unpack the RAR. Windows' built in extraction tool is trash and will botch the files. If you're not an Android player and you're putting the folder in the correct place... start over, make sure you're using WinRAR or 7zip to extract/unpack the patch, then try again

I'm using Windows 11. I put the files in the correct folder..

(1 edit)

When you download the patch, you're not supposed to move files. Open the RAR file then just move the entire "game" folder and drop it into the directory that already has a folder called "game." If asked to overwrite, press yes.

If you do this correctly, the patch will work. There's 0 reported problems with it. As I mentioned above, just make sure you're using a program like WinRAR or 7zip. Windows' built-in ZIP-extraction does not work.


so since it has been silence for a year or more now will we be getting an update ? 

can't wait to see where the story goes next


unavoidable incest content. Bummer, uninstalled


You clearly didn't read the fetishes section bruh... And if I remember correctly game doesn't have incest unless you apply true edition patch 

Ahem bro where's this true edition patch?

you shouldn't look up for it if you don't like incest and other risque content brother, I feel like I am making a mistake by commenting about the patch here cuz itchio is kinda strict with content ... 

(1 edit)

I'm down for it all and thanks bro 


Just search Radiant True edition patch..you can prolly find it on L*wd Patcher website

I'm looking.

What game did you even play?

Not only is the incest content completely avoidable through in-game choices, but to even get incest content in the first place you would've needed to install a patch. And said patch comes with instructions on how to remove the incest content, while applying the uncensor to everything else.

any chances I will see this on steam? I'd love to try it but I wont purchase on anything but steam

There is a plan to go to steam but apparently it wont happen till at least chapter 10. Itch.io is a safe site though, if that is what you are worried about.

I have tried to download this game on both my new laptop and my phone and both are refusing to let me install them.

make sure your devices settings are set to enable installation of unrecognized/third party downloads. If so download game then extract the zip folder to where you want the game to be.

hi, I have a question. Will you update simultaneously on Itch and Steam or will you abandon one when you decide to put this game on Steam?


Hey, Itch will continue to be updated until the game is complete... even when we have a Steam page.


Hey Sir Dammed. Nice Game! I wanted to ask when you roughly think Ch.6 will be released? Thank you, Keep up the good work!


Hey, thanks! Glad you're enjoying the game. Ch6 will be finished no later than March 23rd, though it's possible we'll be finished a little earlier (late February to early March).

Anyone else have this download problem: 

"I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

Before loading the script.

error: Error -5 while decompressing data: incomplete or truncated stream

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:

  File "renpy/bootstrap.py", line 275, in bootstrap


  File "renpy/main.py", line 427, in main


  File "renpy/loader.py", line 263, in index_archives

    index = handler.read_index(f)

  File "renpy/loader.py", line 135, in read_index

    index = loads(zlib.decompress(infile.read()))

error: Error -5 while decompressing data: incomplete or truncated stream

Windows-10-10.0.19041 AMD64


(1 edit) (+2)

Fantastic. As someone else mentioned already, very engaging, well written, interesting characters and story. Loving it so far. Oh, and the music is great too.


Thank you for this wonderful game, you might have answered this before but forgive the repetition if so, are you planing on bring this game over to steam?


We definitely plan to try! But it won't happen sooner than Ch10.


Excellent news! Thank you for answering and for the wonderful game. All the best and happy holidays.

Do we have to wait for chapter 10 before the continuation of Polarity then?


Amazing stuff. One of the very few games where i don't just skip through all the dialogue. Very curious where this is going to go :)

(1 edit) (+2)

can't wait to try the new chapter; hopefully we start seeing a few pregnancies soon.

(1 edit) (+2)

Can confirm knocking the girls up with our super-sperm is rapidly approaching!






pt 5 finally out lol 


CH5 Itch.io release date?

IIRC, November 23. But that could just be Patreon, and thus public/free would be Dec 23.

Is this even still alive?


He is back and fully recovered as of this August

Ok thx for letting me know


Hey dev, hope you are doing ok. Looking forward for the next update. Will subscribe when it does.


how does the pregnancy in this game work?


When a man inserts his tab A into a woman's slot B and releases his seed inside there is a chance for the woman to become pregnant. So far we haven't yet seen any evidence that the MC has impregnated anyone, which makes sense since its only been a couple weeks since the girls moved in and on average it takes around a month or so for most women to notice symptoms; and most pregnancy tests only work around the time of your first missed period. So anyone that is impregnated currently won't even know for a while.

Ah, thank you. I was asking in ignorance to the game itself; I've been asking this across a couple dozen games both to actually figure out which games have it and which don't, as well as just to gauge people's opinion on the fetish.

ah well I'm an avid fan of the fetish, can't wait for it's inclusion. always nice to see a fellow man of culture!

who do you think is gonna get the baby bump first im hoping its the tsundere-ish one lmao

I have no clue but Tsundere one first would probably be my preference


When is the next update??

Just purchased the game, but only the demo version is available to install in the Itch app?


Someone give creator a red mushroom.


That would suck if the creator dies before the story is complete. I have been looking forward to the next chapter with child-like anticipation. 


It would be a loss to the community for sure (would also be sad to lose another life after all the sudden deaths). Enjoy his project.


I'm kinda disappointed to see it's not out yet. Especially after it was stated by the devs following Ch 4's release, there wouldn't be big gaps between the chapters. Almost a year after Ch 4, still no Ch 5. I get that these things aren't quick or easy, but a year is a big gap.

3 months is the going rate of most other devs.

Also, it was stated that there would be more frequent status updates, that wouldn't be locked behind a paywall on Patreon. To my knowledge, that hasn't happened either.

And then there's Polarity, which as far as I can tell has been dropped entirely. Prove me wrong.


Looks like the creator is (still?) seriously ill. Has been for many months now. Last I read on the Patreon page in May, the dev was having troubles sitting upright.  Health crises is the reason for the long delay.

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